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2021 World University Rankings, latest rankings for Africa [Nigeria]

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Oxford University has emerged the best University in the world for the 5th consecutive time, according to the 2021 The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Mainland China Tsinghua University is the first Asian university to enter the top 20 university in the world.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings compared data from more than 1,500 universities across 93 countries and regions.

The areas they checked are teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

Which is the Best University in the World 2020/2021?

Oxford University is the best university currently. They have held this title for 5 consecutive years.

Top 20 Universities in the world 2020/2021

The United State of America (USA) claimed a record of eight places in the top 10:

  • 1. University of Oxford United Kingdom
  • 2. Stanford University United States
  • 3. Harvard University United States
  • 4. California Institute of Technology United States
  • 5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
  • 6. University of Cambridge United Kingdom
  • 7. University of California United States
  • 8. Yale University United States
  • 9. Princeton University United States
  • 10. University of Chicago United States
  • 11. Imperial College London United Kingdom
  • 12. Johns Hopkins University United States
  • 13. University of Pennsylvania United States
  • 14. ETH Zurich Switzerland
  • 15. University of California, Los Angeles United States
  • 16. UCL United Kingdom
  • 17. Columbia University United States
  • 18. University of Toronto Canada
  • 19. Cornell University United States
  • 20. Duke University United States
  • 21. Tsinghua University China

Meanwhile, 141 universities entered the world university ranking for the first time this year. India has the highest number of new entries (14 universities from India made the list).

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Best Universities in Africa 2020/2021

The first African University to make it to the list is the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and they fall within the 201 – 250 rank, followed by Stellenbosh University also in South Africa which falls within the 251 – 300 rank of top universities in the world.

Best University in Nigeria 2020/2021

The University of Lagos has emerged the best Nigerian University in the top universities of the world ranking. The university fall between 600 – 800 rank of top universities in the world.

Complete List of Top Universities in the world 2020/2021

To see the full list of Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021- Click Here

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