Closing Date for Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Recruitment 2019/2020 and list of Successful Shortlisted Candidates Update

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Closing date for 2019/2020 Customs Service Recruitment and how to successfully register and get shortlisted before the deadline. It also contains update on the 2019/2020 Nigeria Customs Service List of Successful Shortlisted Applicants/Candidates and how it would be released. Ensure you share this post with all your friends and apply accordingly.

Closing Date for Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) 2019/2020 Recruitment

The closing date for submission of application for the 2019 customs recruitment is on the 8th of May, 2019. It is not certain if this date would be shifted, but for now this is the official closing date.

We encourage you to hurry up and apply, using the link below  if you have not done that already.

Please Note: 800 persons would be recruited to fill vacancies in the Support Staff for Superintendent Cadre Category, while 2,400 persons would fill that of Customs Inspector and Customs Assistant Cadre in the General Duty Categories.

How to Apply for Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2019/2020 before Deadline

Before you proceed to the customs service recruitment portal, we will like to remind you or inform you about the available positions for the 2019/2020 NCS recruitment

The available positions are;

Nigeria Customs Service Superintendent Cadre Category

Nigeria Customs Service Inspectorate Cadre Category

Nigeria Customs Service Assistant Cadre Category

Click on Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Recruitment Portal Here to Apply

General Requirements for Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) 2019 Recruitment

  • Be a Nigerian Citizen by birth or descent
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18-30 years
  • Not be less than 1.7 metres in height, for male and 1.64 metres for female.
  • Have a fully expanded chest measurement of not less than 0.87 metres, male.
  • Be certified by a Government Medical Officer to be physically and mentally fit for appointment in Service
  • Not be suffering from any form of physical or mental disability
  • Be free from any form of financial embarrassment
  • Be of good character and must not have found guilty of any criminal offense
  • Present a certificate of state of origin signed by the Chairman/Secretary of their Local Governments. Certificates endorsed by Liaison officers are unacceptable

Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) 2019/2020 List of Shortlisted Candidates- Update

It has become the tradition of every major recruitment exercise to conduct a screening or interview for qualified candidates.

After applying for the NCS recruitment the next thing is to patiently wait for the shortlist to be released.

If your name is found on the shortlist, it means you can proceed to the next stage of the recruitment exercise.

The next stage after the shortlist would be the Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment 2019/2020 Screening Exam.

To prepare all our readers for the NCS 2019/2020 exam, we have compiled a detailed list of past questions and answers which can be gotten here. Click Here To Get NCS Past Questions and Answers.

When will the list of successful shortlisted Candidates for Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) 2019/2020 Recruitment Exercise be released?

As stated by NCS boss, Umar Sanusi, the shortlisting of candidates will be commence as soon as the 2019 recruitment portal closes.

All shortlisted candidates will be duly notified and invited for continuation of the recruitment process.

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