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Complete List of Postal Code/Zip Code for all states in Nigeria- Check Here

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Nigeria Zip Codes/Postal Codes

Do you know that Nigeria is divided into six geopolitical zones and the zones share the same ethnicity and background, cultural practices and history?

There are various reasons why people search for Nigeria Postal Codes. It could be for an application or a requirement while filling a form especially online or via post office.

Whatever your reason to be on this page we will be given you a complete list of all the postal codes for all the states in Nigeria.

Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria

As stated above, there are 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria namely-

  • North West
  • North East
  • North Central
  • South West
  • South South
  • South East

To further educate the curious minds, we will be listing the states that make up the respective geopolitical zones in Nigeria. Would you like to know the Richest geopolitical zones and states in Nigeria? Click Here

States in North West Geopolitical Zone

The North West Geopolitical zone is made up of 7 states in Nigeria, namely

  • Jigawa State
  • Kaduna State
  • Kano State
  • Katsina State
  • Kebbi State
  • Sokoto State
  • Zamfara State

States in North East Geopolitical Zone

The North East Geopolitical zone is made up of 6 states in Nigeria, namely

  • Adamawa State
  • Bauchi State
  • Borno State
  • Gombe State
  • Taraba State
  • Yobe State

States in North Central Geopolitical Zone

The North Central Geopolitical zone is made up of 7 states in Nigeria, namely

  • FCT Abuja
  • Benue State
  • Kogi State
  • Kwarra State
  • Nassarawa State
  • Plateau State
  • Niger State

States in South West Geopolitical Zone

The South West Geopolitical zone is made up of 6 states in Nigeria, namely

  • Ekiti State
  • Lagos State
  • Ogun State
  • Ondo State
  • Osun State
  • Oyo State

States in South South Geopolitical Zone

The South South Geopolitical zone is made up of 6 states in Nigeria, namely

  • Akwa Ibom State
  • Bayelsa State
  • Cross River State
  • Delta State
  • Edo State
  • Rivers State

States in South East Geopolitical Zone

The South East Geopolitical zone is made up of 5 states in Nigeria, namely

  • Abia State
  • Anambra State
  • Ebonyi State
  • Enugu State
  • Imo State

Full List of Postal Codes/Zip Codes of all States in Nigeria

The states has been arranged in alphabetic order for easy search and navigation.

  • Abia State-  440001
    Abuja FCT-  900001
    Adamawa State-  640001
    Akwa-Ibom State-  520001
    Anambra State-  420001
  • Bauchi State- 740001
    Borno State- 600001
  • Cross-River State- 540001
  • Delta State-320001
  • Ebonyi State-840001
    Edo State-300001
    Enugu State- 400001
  • Imo State-460001
  • Jigawa State-720001
  • Kaduna State-8000014
  • Kano State- 700001
    Katsina State-820001
    Kebbi State-860001
    Kogi State-260001
    Kwara State-240001
  • Lagos, Island 101001
    Lagos, Mainland 100001
  • Niger State-920001
  • Ogun State-110001
    Ondo State- 340001
    Osun State- 230001
    Oyo State- 200001
  • Plateau State- 930001
  • Rivers State-500001
  • Sokoto State-840001
  • Taraba State- 660001
  • Yobe State-320001

What is ZIP Code?

A Zip code is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuations, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.
Zip code can also be refered to as postal code, post code.
Normally, Zip codes or Postal codes are assigned to geographical areas, in some cases special codes are assigned to individual addresses or to institutions that receive a large volume of mails eample of such institutions are government agencies and large commercial companies.

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