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Five Reasons Why You Must Quit Your Relationship for a Better Life- You deserve better

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Breaking his/her heart might just be the best thing to do for both of you. Before you start getting angry or disagree, kindly take out time to read from this angle.

Life is quite easy, we only tend to complicate it with the decisions we make daily. The wise man said your decisions today shapes your future, make a wise decision today.

Your relationship should make you better not bring out the worst in you, do not stay long in that mistake, just because it took you a long time to make it.

As a girl, he constantly abuses you both physically and emotionally and yet you are saying you love him? One day he would change, really?

You are a cool guy, who would give your all for the girl you love, yet she keeps playing you for a fool, you are saying she would change?

Can a leopard change its spot? Of course change is a constant thing in life, but if they truly deserve you and respect you for whom you are they would give their all to ensure you are happy with them.

The only one person you can change on earth is yourself. So don’t bother or think you can go into or stay in that relationship and change your partner, you better think twice. Your partner will only change if he/she wants to change.

It is possible that you have gone so deep before even realising your mess up, but be rest-assured you can climb out of that self-made hole if you want to.

Love is all about sacrifices, if I can sacrifice for you, you should also try to prove you are worth my sacrifice.

It is better you break your own heart by leaving an abusive relationship, rather than having that person breaking your heart daily. Of what point is being in a relationship when at the end of the day you still feel lonely? You would lose a lot remaining in such relationship. Your relationship must be symbiotic and not a parasitic one. You are dating someone and all you do is cry, hey girl/hey boy are you sure you are not dating an onion?

It is good to fight for what you love, but the question is this, what are you fighting for? Are you fighting to be lied to, fighting to be taken for granted, fighting to be dis-appointed or fighting to be hurt again? What are you fighting for?

Sometimes we fail to see how bad a situation is until it has completely destroyed us.

Do not be carried away by words, remember action always speaks louder than words. Don’t fall for cheap lies and tricks.

Below are five reasons why you must quit that relationship today.

  1. Abuse– whatever form of abuse, be it physically or emotionally you have every right to say no more, walk out of such. Why would a girl in her right senses say she cannot date a guy who does not beat her? Or a guy says he can’t be with a girl who doesn’t nag? My dear if you feel abused in a relationship, the best thing is to pack up and leave.
  2. Addiction- There is numerous things one can be addicted to ranging from alcohol, gambling, sex, and many more. When it becomes a problem is when it starts affecting your well-being, when you are no longer able to live in peace, then you have to retain the sanity left and leave.
  3. Lack of commitment– You are in a relationship yet you do not know where it is heading to, your partner refuses to define the relationship, you have been with a guy for 10 years and yet nothing to show, she keeps avoiding the issue of marriage whenever you bring it up, bro you best leave her.
  4. Deception and manipulation– Are you a fool? I believe you are not, so why stay in a relationship with someone who takes you for a fool. They can wake up any day and do whatever they like knowing you would always come back to them like a well-trained puppy. You do things you naturally wouldn’t do just because you want to please them, for example you intend abstaining from sex before marriage, but he/she tells you if you love them you must give in to their sexual desires, my dear that is manipulation don’t fall for it. Run for your life.
  5. High level of jealousy and lack of trust– It is only natural that your partner possess a level of jealousy, as a matter of fact it shows they love you, but like the popular saying too much of everything is bad, when the jealousy is extreme my dear you have to run, such a partner can end up killing you. Your partner does not care about your opinion as a matter of fact; you are a suspect in all you do. This is a green light for you, pack your bags, dust your feet and move.

When you leave a relationship your partner should know that you didn’t walk away, you were pushed away. There is always a reason to smile.

Sometimes you might be tempted to leave a relationship because of various reasons but if any of the below listed reasons are part of it, think twice before you leave.

  1. Cheating/infidelity
  2. Major disagreement
  3. Change of status (usually financial status)
  4. Reduction in the love you share
  5. Poor communication

All this things can be worked on and dealt with properly and both parties would become better and stronger. Give it your best shot, but if it doesn’t work out after genuinely trying to make it work, PLEASE RUN!!!

You must learn to get up from the table, when love is no longer on the menu. A healthy relationship doesn’t bring you down, it makes you better.


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