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MEDICAL INTERN OPENING IN NIGERIA- INTERVIEW QUESTIONS– we have been receiving a lot of messages from our beloved readers asking us to help them with past questions for the UPTH INTERNSHIP PROGRAM and OTHER MEDICAL INTERNSHIPS PROGRAM IN NIGERIA.

So we decided to research and we were able to discover the questions. View the questions below


  1. The following are correct about drains EXCEPT (a) they may be used to evacuate air (b) they can be classified as internal and external drains (c) corrugated rubber drain is an active drain (d) they are used to achieve adequate haemostasis (e) chest tube is an example of closed drain
  2. Concerning blood donation which of these statements is NOT correct? (a) a donor should be between 18 and 65 years of age (b) a person can donate blood if she has not been pregnant in the last 1 year (c) the potential donor has not donated blood in the past 4 months (d) he or she has not undergone any major surgery in the last 6 months (e) organ transplant is not an issue to be considered
  3. Regarding the uses of nasogastric tube the following are true EXCEPT (a) oesophageal dilatation (b) to decongest the stomach (c) for gastric lavage (d) feeding (e) prevention of diaphragmatic splinting by a distended stomach
  4. Regarding asepsis which is true? (a) sterilization is best achieved within living tissues (b) location and design of theatre is not relevant (c) instruments may be sterilized with antiseptics (d) steam heat is a common method of sterilization of surgical instruments (e) c and d are correct
  5. In which of the cases below is hypokalaemia MOST UNLIKELY? (a) persistent vomiting (b) diarrhoea (c) enterocutaneous fistula (d) crush injury (e) Peritonitis
  6. Bleeding diathesis can result from massive blood transfusions due to the following EXCEPT (a) thrombocytopaenia (b) hypocalcaemia (c) neutrophilia (d) clotting factor deficiency (e) a and b are correct
  7. Which of these is NOT related to shock? (a) blood volume (b) cellular function (c) cellular hypoxia (d) tissue perfusion (e) none of the above
  8. Which is true regarding haemorrhage in surgery? (a) primary haemorrhage only occurs during surgery (b) reactionary haemorrhage can occur during surgery (c) secondary haemorrhage can occur within 24 hours of surgery (d) reactionary haemorrhage is due to reaction to the suture materials (e) secondary haemorrhage is usually due to slipping of sutures


  1. Premedicant drugs include these EXCEPT (a) anticholinergies (b) neuroleptics (c) sedatives (d) phencylidines (e) narcotic analgesics
  2. Which of these is NOT a type of endotracheal tube? (a) red rubber tubes (b) plastic tubes (c) latex-reinforced tubes (d) amethocaine reinforced tubes (e) plastic reinforced tubes
  3. Ketamine hydrochloride (a) forms precipitates with barbiturates (b) is a drug of choice in hypertensive patients (c) is commonly used for premedication (d) the intravenous dose is 6-10mg/kg (e) is a good muscle relaxant
  4. A very good inhalational anaesthetic agent for paediatric patient is (a) isoflurane (b) halothane (c) desflurane (d) servoflurane (e) b and d
  5. Muscle relaxation may NOT be produced by (a) depolarizing block (b) non-depolarizing block (c) gate-way block (d) deep general anaesthesia (e) nerve block
  6. With regard to physicochemical properties of local anaesthetic drugs (a) pka determines duration of effect (b) pka determines potency of drug (c) pka determines onset of effect (d) lipid solubility determines duration of effect (e) protein binding determines potency of drug
  7. Spinal anaesthesia has the following advantages when compared with epidural anaesthesia (a) easier to perform (b) may produce a less intense block (c) has a more rapid and predictable onset (d) has an increased potential for serious systemic drug toxicity (e) a and c are correct
  8. Concerning pancuronium bromide (a) it is an amino steroid (b) it is naturally occurring (c) it may cause bradycardia (d) it does not cross the placenta at all (e) the dose is 1mg/kg


University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) Internship Program

Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) Internship Program

Federal Medical Centre Owo, Ondo State Internship Program


  1. Traumatic ulcer could be caused by all EXCEPT (a) road traffic accident (b) sickle cell disease (c) burns (d) surgery (e) snake bite
  2. Problem wounds include these EXCEPT (a) pressure sores (b) diabetic ulcers (c) wounds with exposed bone (d) scalp ulcer (e) venous ulcer
  3. Concerning chemical burns one of these is NOT correct (a) acids cause coagulative necrosis (b) acids cause liquifactive necrosis (c) alkalis cause liquificative necrosis (d) irrigation with water is the first aid of choice (e) chemical burns can be used in assault
  4. In which of these will inhalational burn NOT be suspected? (a) burns on the face (b) burn occurring in an enclosed space (c) patient with chemical burns (d) patient coughing up blackish sputum (e) hoarseness of voice
  5. Examples of specific ulcers are these EXCEPT (a) tropical ulcer (b) malignant ulcer (c) buruli ulcer (d) tuberculous ulcer (e)syphilitic ulcer
  6. Concerning split skin graft all are correct EXCEPT (a) also called thirseh graft (b) also called wolfe graft (c) can be meshed to increase surface area (d) donor site heals in 2 to 3 weeks (e) haematoma can cause graft failure
  7. Prognostic factors in burns include these EXCEPT (a) total body surface area (b) depth of burns (c) age of patient (d) weight of patient (e) inhalational component
  8. Which of these statements is WRONG about a sinus? (a) it is a blind tract lined with granulation tissue (b) it may be congenital (c) it could be caused by bone infection (d) it could be caused by actinomycosis (e) it may connect two epithelized surfaces


This are some of the past questions, we do hope it is enough for you to practice with, but if you need a more comprehensive past-question and answers contact our admin via the CONNECT WITH US button

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