Npower Health (N-Health) Final Shortlist 2017/2018- Complete list checking guideline

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Do you know that over 2 million persons applied for the 2017 Npower Program? A pre-selection shortlist was released some time last year and this gave all successful persons the opportunity to go for their Npower Physical Verification 2017.

Npower Health (N-Health) Final Shortlist 2017/2018- Complete list checking guideline

If you were pre-selected for the Npower Health category and successfully completed your physical verification then congratulations, you are qualified to view your name on the final list.

In the Npower Health category, only 50,000 persons would be selected, so you must ensure you do your best so you do not miss your chance in the program.

All selected persons will act as volunteers and they will be paid monthly stipends of N30, 000 and also qualified for the Npower device.

Public Announcement- Only persons who successfully did their Npower Health (N-Health) 2017 Physical Verification should expect to see his/her name on the final shortlist. If you were not able to do your physical verification due to some circumstances beyond your control, we encourage you to subscribe to this blog and like our facebook page so as to receive other job opportunities .

How to check the Npower Health (N-Health) 2017/2018 Final Shortlist

As soon as the list is confirmed, click on this link

Type in your registered phone number (that is the number you used while registering on Npower)

Click on check

Congratulations to you in advance.

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