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Npower Latest Update, Monthly Stipends and Npower News

Did you receive a message from Npower that you have been shortlisted for the N-Build programme and you are wondering when it’s going to start and the next step you should take?

Probably you have been deployed to your Npower place of primary assignment (PPA) but you haven’t received any of your monthly stipends and you are wondering why.

You may be among those who would like to join Npower program by applying for the 2019 Npower Recruitment and you are wondering when it would start or you just want to receive latest Npower update.

Whatever your reason for being on this page we hope this article answers all your questions. This page would keep being updated so ensure you always check it for latest Npower updates. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the Npower latest updates.

We would like to inform you that Npower Support Team are making effort to make sure they clear all Npower Backlogs payment to beneficiaries. So, if you haven’t received your monthly stipend of 30,000 naira do not panic as you would soon be paid.

We would also like to notify you that the BSSIO via the GEEP program component are charged with the responsibilities of providing non interest loans to Npower Beneficiaries to set-up a business in Nigeria.

Npower officials have given Nigerians the assurance that no beneficiary would be left out of the awesome benefits the program offers. You will receive all your monthly allowance and collect your Npower device without any problems as soon as some legislative issues have been taken care off.

The Npower 2019 Online Portal is going to be opened soon. Ensure you keep on checking this page so you can be among the first set of people to register.

The Npower monthly stipend for March and April 2019 would be released to all qualified beneficiaries.

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