Npower Survey 2019 and How to Successfully Fill Npower Survey Form

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Npower Survey Latest Update- Have you heard about Npower Survey and you don’t understand what it is meant for and how to register on it? This post is made to educate you on all you need to know about Npower survey and how to successfully fill the Npower Survey Form for Batch A beneficiaries.

What is Npower Survey?

Npower survey is an exercise conducted by the Npower Team to help them get proper information from Npower beneficiaries in order to improve the Npower program.

The survey was made with the aim of solving the various challenges that beneficiaries face and help them get the Npower Programme function better.

What is Npower Survey Form?

The Npower Survey Form is the form designed by Npower to collect information from its beneficiaries. The information gathered from the survey would be used to make the program more effective and favorable to all.

Is Npower Survey real?

Yes, Npower survey is real and it was designed by Npower Team, it is not a scam. Do not be scared to fill the form.

SMS was sent out by Npower to this effect; however we are aware that some persons are yet to receive the message. If you are a Batch A beneficiary, you can go ahead and fill the survey form. It is compulsory you do so.

The Survey SMS sent out to N-Power beneficiaries is very real and authentic from N-Power and is not a scam in anyway.

The N-Power phone number that is being requested while you are filling the survey form is the number your used during your N-Power application process instead of the number you have been using to login to your npvn profile.

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How to fill Npower Survey Form

The Npower survey form can be gotten via, but before you proceed to click on the link below, read the simple guidelines.

  • The Form is expected to be filled and submitted.
  • You can use your smartphone or computer to fill the survey form.
  • Fill the form carefully and make sure you do not lie on your achievements during the course of your service because it may probably affect you in other ways.
  • Every part of the survey form with red asterisk * is compulsory to be filled.

Click on Npower Survey Form here to get the form

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