Npower Text Message to Npower Batch C Applicants to Reconfirm ID

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Npower officials have confirmed that they have been sending text messages to Npower Batch C applicants, however some criminal elements have also been sending fake Npower text messages to unsuspecting applicants.

We are committed to providing all our readers with the accurate info at all times, so in this article we will be showing you how to identify fake message and how to know the correct one sent directly by Npower Nigeria.

Dear Nana, your registration is being processed, but there is missing information.

Please URGENTLY fill out this simple form to reconfirm your N-POWER ID.
Deadline: Aprill 22,2021.

Form here:

The correct npower portal remains

Npower Correct Text Message/SMS for Applicants

If you have received message from N-POWER asking you to reconfirm your N-POWER ID, please comply. It is authentic.

Npower has confirmed the text message sent out to some NPower batch C Applicants to be true. A new update shared on their Twitter page quoted in the image below shows that the SMS is not fake.

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  • I’m already a subscriber, but since this year I haven’t received any madsama from u guys. Reply. Thanks

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