NYIF Support Team Phone Numbers And Email To Send Complaint

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The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development have recently released the support email and phone numbers where all National Youth Investment fund (NYIF ) complaints should be directed to with the following details below:

Details to Submit to NYIF Support

If you don’t have all details forward the ones you do have.

  • Full names
  • Email
  • Mobile phone number
  • Training batch
  • Certificate number
  • State of Origin

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NYIF Support Team Phone Numbers

The details requested above should be forwarded to NYIF via or the appropriate phone number for each geo political zones as follows:

1. 07047024251: South South ZONE

2. 07047598382 : North East ZONE

3. 08181127180 : North West ZONE

4. 08152947812 : South West ZONE

5. 07087792103 : North Central ZONE

6. 07053820081 : South East ZONE

If you are an NYIF Applicants looking for support in regards to any NYIF issue, be it training or Registration, kindly call or send your complaint to the email above.

How to login to NYIF for Training

The steps involved in login to NYIF portal for the online training remains the same as stated above. You can click here to read more and speed up the NYIF training process

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