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This post was made to notify all our readers about the new update for the NYIF training. NYIF Training Portal| How to get NYIF Training| NYIF Training 2020| NYIF Loan Training 2020| NYIF Online E-Learning Trainin| How to Participate in NYIF Online E-Learning Training.

Applicants are been selected to be part of the FMYSD Digital First Economic Recovery Program to Grow their Business starting via text message from FMYSD.

NYIF Training 2020

Invited applicants will undergo a 5-day training and training is conducted every week for a new set of applicants. If you applied for the NYIF and have not been invited for training, be patient you will be invited when it is your turn as long as you meet their criteria.

NYIF Training YouTube Channel

As stated above there is a new update for NYIF Applicants regarding training. The NYIF Training is being done via YouTube on a channel named “MindThe_GapNg“,

Click on MindThe GapNg above to watch training video.

How to login to NYIF for Training

The steps involved in login to NYIF portal for the online training remains the same as stated above. You can click here to read more and speed up the NYIF training process

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