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NYSC Portal Showing Sorry There is no available state slot- Resolve it Here

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Are you experiencing any issue with your NYSC registration? Is it showing no available state and you are wondering what can be done before registration ends? This page was created specifically to address this issue and give you the right solution for this problem.

Well, first thing for you to do is to relax, sometimes this happens when most of the states have been selected but it doesn’t limit your ability to register.

Some persons are of the opinion that you won’t be able to choose any state of your choice rather random states would be suggested to you on your screen.

We have been receiving numerous complaints from our readers regarding the NYSC Batch A registration error in selecting states of deployment on the NYSC portal.

Some persons have done their NYSC thumb printing, while others have made payment but they can’t continue the registration because it is showing “No Available Slot” on the place where they ought to select their states of deployment.

How to Resolve “No Available Slot” in NYSC BATCH A, B and C Registration Portal

This issue is not peculiar to you, as there are many persons who are faced with this problem. NYSC board are aware of this problem as many persons have sent direct messages to their respective social channels of NYSC.

This bug would be fixed as soon as possible, so no need to panic, you will be able to register before the portal is closed.

Why is my NYSC portal showing,” Sorry no more available state slots” ?

There is no particular reason why this is showing but it could be as a result of network or  server related issue relating to NYSC portal.

What to do when the NYSC portal shows No Available Slots

Our recommendation in this case is for you to keep trying to select a state, keep your eyes on your NYSC portal website at regular intervals. Keep on refreshing the page.

We will also notify you on this page when all the error has been resolved.

How to write an NYSC redeployment letter and get approved here

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  • I have been trying to complete my registration process but its still showing no state slot available till this time… Its now becoming annoying… Please the ict mgt should do something about this critical matter.. Thanx

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