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NYSC Revalidation and NYSC Remobilization- Difference and the right way to do it

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NYSC Revalidation and NYSC Remobilization are two (2) different things entirely. We decided to write this article to properly guide all our readers on the right steps to take and when to take it as regards NYSC.

We will be telling you the difference between NYSC Revalidation and NYSC Remobilization and also how to successfully apply for it.

What exactly is the difference between NYSC Revalidation and NYSC Remobilization?

As we have been saying earlier, there is quite a difference between this two options. We are aware that most people tend to believe that they are both the same thing.

NYSC Re-validation

Were you deployed in a previous NYSC batch but did not show up in camp?

You are required to do NYSC revalidation when you have been deployed to a state in Nigeria by NYSC and for one reason or the other you couldn’t make it to the orientation camp.

The normal order is for you to do your NYSC online registration, print out your NYSC greencard, Print out your NYSC call-up letter and report to the orientation camp you were deployed to so you can begin the 3 weeks orientation exercise.

For emphasis we will give you a practical example-

INFOPADI belongs to NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream 1. Infopadi was deployed to Kaduna but refused to go for the orientation camp because of the crisis going on there. The crisis is over and Infopadi is now ready for NYSC and want to join NYSC 2019 Batch A, all infopadi has to do is do NYSC Revalidation.

Hope it is clear?

Married women who wish to serve in their families state of residence must read this here


Click on NYSC Revalidation. Follow the instructions

Please Note– Automatic revalidation will be done for you if you have not served before but were deployed.

NYSC Re-Mobilization

Were you mobilized in a previous NYSC batch, did you report to camp but didn’t complete the orientation exercise or you left the state after camp?

People that are to do remobilization are those who attended the orientation camp, did all the normal registration on camp, leave camp or not report to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). You see that this is different from revalidation  right?


Click on NYSC Remobilization. Follow the instructions

We believe you now know the category you belong to.

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  • Hello, assuming you could not make it to stream 1, is revalidation possible for stream 2? The portal just opened, there’s revalidation option, when you log in, your old dashboard still appears. What’s wrong

  • Hello there. I registered for NYSC batch C stream 1 and I have been posted to Kaduna. However, I do not wish to go and I will be more prepared to go for stream 2 in December.
    Will I get automatic revalidation or will I need to revalidate myself?

  • Hello, I registered with batch c stream 1, got a call up number but I was not deployed instead my dashboard shows that I am not in stream 1. Now, stream 2 registeration is on, am I supposed to do anything like revalidation or remobilization? Thanks

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