P-Yes Recruitment 2019 Registration Form is still available- apply here

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Do you want to apply for P-Yes Recruitment 2019 Registration? Do you want to get the registration form and application portal today? You can now register here and login to the P-YES Recruitment 2019/2020 Registration Form Portal for free.

Get all you need regarding this recruitment 2019 on the approved website portal here.

If you have tried to register for the recruitment or you have started the process but don’t know what next t do, then this guide is also for you.

The 2019/2020 scheme aims to create at least 774,000 empowerment opportunities.

Through direct youth empowerment over a minimum period of two years.

The scheme is designed to equip the youth with requisite skills, knowledge and resources that will make them productive.

How to Apply online for P-Yes Recruitment 2019

Carefully follow the instructions below to properly fill and successfully submit your application form today.

Please kindly note that If you have your Degree or wish to apply as an undergraduate you can also do so without any problem on

Online Application-  Click on this link –

Get the P-Yes Application form in their office near you- You can collect a registration form from any of our offices here

The scheme covers the “Youth” defined in the Nigerian National youth policy (2009) as male and female individuals whose ages are between 18 and 40 years old.

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