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Read Nigerians reaction to the VP debate 2018- Nobody is smiling

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The VP debate was put together by the Nigerian Election Debate Group, NEDG, and the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria, BON. It had 5 candidates participating in the debate, their debate caused quite a stir among Nigerians and this is what they had to say about it.

We can not accept the outcome of today’s debate. PDP VP candidate Peter Obi has seen all the questions before the time~Lai Mohammed

Me: Kyal kyal kyal! Shegen kaya, waya gaya maka borno gabas take…. Good Morning Nigeria! #2019Debate

If you missed the debate View it here and drop your own comments and reactions.

  1. Oshibajo woww.. extremely intelligent and won this debate. PMB and Nigeria is lucky to have you as VP #2019Debate
  2. The ongoing vp debate is bullshit, war of empty and useless words. If its by debate , Nigeria should be at par with other first world countries by now. … Confrontation – thats what this country needs.
  3. An ordinary VP debate truly lived up and divide us as Nigeria as we take sides besides that’s common but we really as Nigerian followed this fools whom truly among them wanted to liberate us,unless the system changes.
  4. The VP Debate in Nigeria leaves us with the question: what is the way forward? Peter Obi quoting wild unsubstantiated figures from the air fixated on China and Asian Tigers,VP Osinbajo fixated on PDPs 16yrs of rot. No sparks of hope for a brighter future. Another 4yrs of guessing.
  5. What a debate. @OfficialPDPNig will surely get Nigeria Working again. I am so proud of our VP in waiting. Only dull minds will argued that he didnt take the night. Congratulations Nigerians
  6. Tonight’s debate clearly shows that @OfficialPDPNig are not prepared because of share minimalist approach to solutions on Nigeria‘s issues as reeled out by @PeterObi. As to @ProfOsinbajo of the @APCNigeria we are right heading to #NextLevel in 2019. Kudos to our VP, the Prof.
  7. My finally take on the Nigeria Vp debate yesterday Prof Osibanjo was too busy sharing TraderMoni that the forgot Governance meanwhile Mr P. Obi was busy studying what is going on in China and other economy so he can move Nigeria forward Now lets wait for Sia Baba and Atikulate.
  8. Rating the VP debate in Nigeria 1. Obi – but needs to learn Foreign Policy 2. VP Osinbajo – but needs stop blame game already 3. YPP – but used loyalty to escape questions 4. A.N.N – would learn to speak more 5. Obyezek’s VP – he was present
  9. PDP VP Candidate Peter Obi mentioned throughout the debate ‘Your Country’ (anytime he refers to Nigeria)…That kept me asking.. which country does he come from? And he still stands by his previous
  10. Today’s VP debate is against two sets of products made in China Peter Obi and made in Nigeria PYO . Like I’ve always said cos I’m an entrepreneur I’ll always support made in Nigeria so our economy will grow instead growing other nations economy like we mostly do as Nigerians.
  11. Highlight of the VP Debate @PeterObi “You can’t shutdown your shop and be chasing criminals.” @ProfOsinbajo “If you allow criminals to steal all the inventory in the shop, there will be no shop”. From these analogies, it seems Nigeria has become a shopping centre. #2019Debate
  12. Peter obi keeps talking about his vision for the future comparing it to china. Meanwhile our current vp is trying to compare Nigeria now with 16 years ago.
  13. The only candidates ready to be VP in Nigeria 2019 elections are Peter Obi and Yemi Osibanjo. EVERY other candidate on that debate stage was a complete waste of space.
  14. What thing I took away from tonight’s VP debate; Nigeria continues to be ruled by the least qualified from amongst us, while the better options are only good enough as appendages. The two major VP candidates are way way ahead of the Presidential hopefuls they seek to deputize.
  15. How I wish 2019 Presidency was all about VP Yemi Osinbajo and Peter Obi, I would surely hope Nigeria will end up in good and capable hands.

    So, dear readers what is your own opinion?

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