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How to survive the economic meltdown in Nigeria- Tips for better living

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Tips for survival– There is no need to pretend about it, we all know the Nigeria economy is passing through one of its most trying times. Inflation of prices for goods and services, fuel scarcity, insecurity across the nation and many more. The basic thing that keeps us going is our believe and hope for a better future, but while we wait, there are certain things that must be implemented to ensure that the energy to wait is not lost.

This article contains tips for better living as gathered by our team of experts. We do hope you find it helpful.

How To Survive The Hard/Bad Nigerian Economy

The first rule of survival is to stay safe, be safe. You must protect yourself from many vices.

Diversify your income stream– What this simply means is that you can no longer depend on only your current source of income, irrespective of what you are doing, you must look for other areas that you can get money from. Please, we are talking of genuine areas. You can learn a skill, you could go into buying and selling when you close from work, you could further your studies etc. Just keep on growing, never get comfortable were you are.

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Save and invest- No matter how little or how much money you get, you must develop the habit of saving. When you save little interest is added, but in order to increase your profits you are advised to invest wisely in a profitable idea, company etc. This way you are always sure of more money coming into your account.

Reduce spending– We are humans and the urge to acquire things are always high whether we really need that thing or not, we would give our resources to get it. In other to survive the economic melt down you must spend your money on things that are important which would add value to you.

Be charitable- This may sound funny, but the more you give the more you receive. When you give no matter how little with all your heart expecting nothing in return, you will be amazed what you would get in return.

There is a story of a young 200 level student who gave up his pocket money for a final year student to pay his school fees. 7 years later, the student was given 2 plots of lands in a major city in Nigeria. No good deed goes unrewarded.

Avoid envy- Do not get jealous or envious of the big man or big woman near you, no one knows the source of their wealth. Stay focused and always rely on your God to provide for you. Make yourself better, don’t spoil your chances or make a wrong decision out of jealousy.

Take care of your health- Health is wealth, you ever wondered why our fore fathers lived long and stayed strong? It is because they took care of their health, they ate good food not junks, they worried less so there was no room for heart attack, they worked hard on their farms, this was a form of exercise. You must take good care of your health because only the healthy can look for money.

We believe this few tips would be of benefit to you. If you have other suggestions to survive the hard economic conditions. Do well to inform us through the comment box below and we will share your opinion with the whole of Nigeria and Africa in general.

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