How to Upload your Npower Acceptance Letter On NASIMS Portal

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How to Upload your NPOWER Acceptance Letter On NASIMS Portal – The NPOWER acceptance letter is the deployment letter that is found on the NASIMS portal. This is the letter that you will have to download from your NASIMS portal dashboard, which you will take to your PPA supervisor to be signed and accepted.

Npower Acceptance Letter Uploading

If you are among the Npower Batch C shortlisted beneficiaries and you have been deployed, you are required to check the NASIMS portal for your deployment letter. On clicking on the deployment link on the NASIMS portal dashboard, Npower Batch C applicant should be able to see his or her place of primary assignment, entitled monthly stipend, and his or her PPA letter for immediate download.

How to Upload your Npower Acceptance Letter On NASIMS Portal

After downloading your Npower deployment letter, you are expected to take it to your assigned supervisor at your place of primary assignment not exceeding three days from the date of printout.

Your assigned supervisor will screen your documents and tick the accepted or rejected box, if you are accepted, you are to reupload the acceptance letter to your NASIMS portal again, this is the process.

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Ensure that you go to your PPA go with all the documents you uploaded on the Npower NASIMS portal.

Please note, if the Npower programme is not available in your local government area, then choose another program and exercise patience and keep checking your NASIMS portal for updates on your deployment status.

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