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Amazing things you never knew you could do with WhatsApp on your phone

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WhatsApp has become very popular especially with the increase in the number of smartphone users in the world today.

WhatsApp is one of the major communication channels all across the world. Despite the popularity of the app, there are some hidden tricks and features contained in it that many persons are not aware of.

We will be teaching you three tricks you should know about using WhatsApp.

3 Tricks and Tips for Using WhatsApp

  1. Getting rid of the blue ticks

There are some of us who like to keep our business private, while there are others who like to keep a low profile; some are just out there feeling like a spy. Whatever your reason is, there is a feature in the privacy settings of WhatsApp that allows you decide if you want to turn off or turn on read receipts. The beauty of this feature is that you would be able to avoid complains of people who get offended when you read their messages or view their status without replying or complimenting them.

  1. Create GIFs with your phone and send

Do you know that with WhatsApp, you can create and send GIFs to your friends or to your status? This feature is not very open, as you have to be familiar with WhatsApp to do this. This feature is found at the very lower part of the emoji menu, there is a link to gain access to Giphy’s library that contains all the GIFs.

You can also make your own GIFs by importing a video into WhatsApp and trim the part you want to use as a GIF. You must trim only about 5 seconds for it to turn to a GIF.

  1. Chat without typing

Everyday technology keeps advancing; do you know that WhatsApp has a personal assistant just like Apples Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant?

This simply means you can say what you want to send to your friends without typing anything. To use this service you must activate your voice assistant and enjoy a whole new communication experience.

Bonus Tip

You can connect your mobile WhatsApp app to your laptop and browse WhatsApp on your laptop without any difficulty.

Just look for WhatsApp web on your mobile app, type on your laptop browser. Scan code, connect, and chat away.

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If you have any other suggestions on ways to use WhatsApp, kindly inform us, so we can update the list.

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