See Reasons Why You Can’t Access Npower Verification Portal and Solutions

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Reasons why you can not access the Npower Verification Portal for Biometrics Capturing and solutions| NPOWER Verification Exercise 2021
Are you finding it difficult to get access to the NASIMS PORTAL for the NPOWER Batch C Recruitment Verification and Biometric (fingerprint) capture? This article would guide you on all you need to know and the right steps to take.
It is important to check the NASIMS portal to know your verification status and also know if you are qualified for the next stage of the Npower Batch C recruitment process.
This article was created to address any issues you might be facing regarding the recruitment and also possible solutions. Before you continue reading this, you must check if you have been verified already to avoid any error. CHECK YOUR NPOWER BATCH C SHORTLIST VERIFICATION STATUS. If you have not been verified, you can come back to this page and see the things you can do to get verified.

Reasons Why You Can’t Access Npower Verification Portal

  • The traffic to the Npower verification portal is high, this would affect you if your network is not strong and stable. It can result to your NASIMS portal login attempt bounced. If this happens to you, try to check that your network is strong.
  • The browser you may be using is not strong enough to handle the rigid load of the website. There are many other browsers, you can keep trying different ones, or go to a Cyber Cafe.
  • It is also very possible that the management of the Npower Programme are conducting the verification exercise in batches to avoid overloading the website. That is why when you checked the verification link you are asked to check back later. The screening Exercise is probably going on alongside the verification biometrics fingerprint capturing.

You can also see if you can do the fingerprint capture- Click here To Capture Your  Fingerprint On Nasims Portal

  • The Npower programme is in categories, the non-graduate and the graduate programme. these categories may take off on different date so also the verification.

Please Note: When you get an error while trying to login to check your Verification status, do not panic. Try again later, you will get access to the portal when your login details are unlocked again.

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