ARMTI Tuition Free Training in Agribusiness 2021| Apply Now

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Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI) Tuition Free Training in Agribusiness 2021: See how to apply for this amazing opportunity. Read full details below.

ARMTI Tuition Free Training in Agribusiness

Economic activities throughout the world (Nigeria inclusive), has been negatively affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 disease. Oil prices have fallen, the financial market is on the downside, aviation industry and even sports has suffered. The optimistic option left for Nigeria is to diversify or go back to agriculture which had long been the mainstay of her economy before the oil boom as way out of our economic woes and to boost our falling GDP.
In view of this, ARMTI has obtained approval from the Federal Government through its 2021 capital budget to organise the following training and empowerment programmes to improve food security, youth empowerment, employment generation and wealth creation.

  1. Digitalization of Agricultural Information Services for Rural Development.
  2. Developing Alternative Technology for Agric Produce.
  3. Human Capital Development for Managing Post Harvest Activities for Nigerian Farmers
  4. Value Creation through Effective Human Capital Development for Selected Agric. Produce Export in Collaboration with Relevant Agencies.
  5. Managing of Agric. Research for Effective/Efficient Food Production in Nigeria for Scientists in Nigeria (Grantsmanship: Science and Art of Grantwriting)
  6. Agric. Produce Value Chain Training for Managers of Inputs/Production and Marketing.
  7. Extension Services for Vitamin A Rich Sweet Potato/ Tubers.
  8. Facilitation of VCD Activities through Development of Active Change Agents.
  9. Farm Business Planning and Management for Graduates.
  10. Agripreneurship Development for Youths in YES Entrepreneurship.
  11. Agripreneurship Development for Women in Agriculture.
  12. Agripreneurship Training and Development for New Generation Farmers.
  13. Capacity Building on Green House Farming for Women and Youth
  14. Development of Capacity for Soilless Agriculture
  15. Capacity Building in Monitoring and Evaluation for Agricultural Services
  16. Capacity Development for Youth and Women in Agriculture Online Marketing
  17. Training of Extension Managers (Block Extension Supervisors).

Selection Criteria for Participants

  1. Be a Nigerian
  2. Have interest in agricultural value chain/agribusiness.
  3. Must have minimum of O’ level certificate.

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Who to Attend

  1. Young Entrepreneurs
  2. Young School Leavers/professionals seeking diversification into agriculture
  3. Unemployed Youth and Women interested in agriculture


Programmes are tuition and accommodation free for all courses running in Ilorin, while tuition free alone for other locations.


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