Update on BRISIN Aptitude Test Result 2019 and Final Shortlisted Candidates-

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The basic aim of BRISIN is to help the people and the government with good instrument for governance by providing a credible data on daily basis, including death and birth rates in order to support planning and policy making in Nigeria.

When is BRISIN Aptitude Test Result 2019 coming out?

The 2019 BRISIN Aptitude Test Result is not yet available, however from popular indices among other recruitment’s, the result may or may not be released. This is because the usual practice of most recruitment exercises is to release the final shortlist.

When will BRISIN Full List Of Shortlisted Applicants 2019/2020 come out?

BRISIN Final Shortlist 2019- The first 10,000 evaluated,will be screened down to the final 5000 using the concluded BRISIN Aptitude Test 2019. 200 persons would be picked and be trained as trainees trainers, some officers from the MDAs would join for the orientation and training in Italy or any other country BRISIN might consider necessary for the objective of BRISIN. The shortlist is not yet out, we will notify you as soon as it is released.

2018/2019 BRISIN Implementation: FCT Pilot 1 Scheme Job Description for Successful Candidates

Below are the job descriptions for the candidates that would scale through the BRISIN APTITUDE TEST, to the final selection process for the 2018/2019 BRISIN job recruitment. Roles are classified according to specific areas of engagements.

  • COMMERCIAL AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES: (updating, monitoring and controlling after comprehensive data and information gathering, mining and storing.
  • DEMOGRAPHY: after harmonizing already existing data and verification with NpopC  and others, updating birth and death
  • DIASPORA: capturing the data and information of all Nigerians in Diaspora, and integrating them into the National grid, monitoring of children born outside Nigeria as well as control their citizenry rights
  • EDUCATION: after comprehensive data and information on education, public and private, monitoring and updating, including security and minor identification. Etc.
  • FINANCE: Fiscal and Revenue payment Monitoring, control of payment instrument, on all economic sectors
  • GSM DISTRIBUTION: data and information on all cellular phones in circulation, producers, sim cards used and quantum of data sold by service providers on daily bases.
  • HEALTH: After collection of data and information on all existing health systems, pharmaceutical and medical structures, Drugs distributed on daily bases, daily frequencies at Hospitals, number of Doctors and Nurses and their distribution all over. Sanitary instruments and wares, unified system of health managements, etc.
  • LABOUR: After comprehensive data and information on employed and unemployed workers in every aspect of the system, autonomous workers, visible and invisible workers including smallest economic operators. Etc.
  • LEGAL DOCUMENTATION: after comprehensive data and information on various documentation, method of issue and present means of information verification before giving documentation. Updating, Control data and information is verified from BRISIN Centre before issuing by different issuing agencies to avoid falsification and forgery Etc.
  • MIGRATION: data and information on internal residential changes, traveling and traveling document records, monitoring external migration exits, controlling visas issued and where, controlling inter-state and inter-city movements.
  • AGRICULTURE: after comprehensive data and information on all agricultural operators, farmers and their products, processing and co. Animal farmers and number of herds, etc.
  • MOTORIZATION: after collecting all the data and information on all engines, Vehicles, mechanics, spare parts dealers, and equipment sellers, Insurance and drivers licenses a daily updating, monitoring and control, even operators etc.
  • RURAL DEVELOPMENT: monitor the distribution of infrastructure at Ward, Council Area, and developmental attribution
  • SERVICE ECONOMY: after comprehensive data and information on all professional services, monitoring and updating day to day transactions and its records
  • TRANSPORTATION: after due collection of all the data and information on public means of transport and those involved, monitoring of daily inter-state and intercity shuttling and number of passengers etc.
  • URBANIZATION: after a comprehensive data and information on building structure and identification of the owners, the distinction of use and attributions for commercial benefits. Monitoring the changes in use and correct documentation.

Every sector as defined will run with MDA’s concerned for better coordination and management.

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