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How to check NYSC Senate List for Batch C (stream 1 and stream 2)- read here

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Before we get into the main gist proper, we will like to inform you that there would be an NYSC Batch C Stream 2 2019.

This is for all those wondering if the rumors are true or false and also for others who for one reason or the other were not able to make it with the previous NYSC Batch A and Batch B and Batch C stream 1.

It is important that your name and details be found on the NYSC Senate List for Batch C PCM if you want to be able to go for service this year. If your name and details are found on the list, it simply means that your school has sent your details to NYSC and you are eligible to serve and vice versa.

To check for your details on the NYSC SENATE List

Click on Check NYSC SENATE LIST 2019


  • Select your institution name
  • Input your Matriculation Number
  • Input your D. O. B and submit


If you saw your details and no errors were made, patiently wait for the application portal to be opened and then you can proceed with the application process.

In the mean time, we will like to encourage you to read the below NYSC Guidelines so as to help prepare you for the journey ahead. 

Important NYSC 2019 Updates 

How to choose the best state to serve

List of states that pay Corp members and how much they pay

Proper Steps and guidelines for foreign trained graduates who wish to serve 2019

Common terms used in NYSC and their meaning 

How to check JAMB Matriculation List for NYSC 2019

NYSC Mobilization Guide for all institutions

How to write NYSC Redeployment Letter 2019 latest format 

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