Jobs Closing date for Npower Biometric and Finger Print Capture

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Closing Date for Npower Batch C Biometrics and Finger Print Capture 2021– Shortlisted Npower Batch C applicants have been advised to quickly do their npower biometric verification exercise 2021 before the closing date.

Accordingly, shortlisted candidates are to note that shortlisted applicants would be ineligible for final selection and deployment if they don’t enroll their biometric data before the closing date.

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Npower NASIMS Biometric Verification Closing Date 2021

Information reaching the Npower NASIMS Focal person office indicates that following the shortlisting and subsequent communication to Npower applicants over 48 hours ago, National Social Investment Management Systems NASIMS observed a very low response rate of less than 10%.

How to do Npower Batch C Biometrics Fingerprint Capture Enrollment via NASIMS Portal

Click: to do your biometrics

Closing Date /Deadline for Npower Biometrics Fingerprint Capture Enrollment for Batch C 2021

Though the Nasims Npower management team has not specified any deadline, some State SIP has begun to rollout deadline and so it is very important that you do your biometrics now.

When is Npower Biometric Verification Closing Date on NASIMS Portal

Shortlisted applicants would be ineligible for the Npower Batch C stream 1 and stream 2 final selection if they do not enroll in their biometric data by 6th June 2021 for Plateau state applicants. Other states are yet to announce their deadline, we will notify you as soon as it is out.

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