Survival Fund Update 2021| How to get your Survival Fund Grant Payment

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Survival Fund Payment 2021 Update| We will be showing you what to do if you are yet to receive your Survival Fund Grant. Carefully read this article and follow the instructions contained in it.

The Survival Fund Payment 2021 is currently ongoing for all that applied for the Survival Fund and have been verified. A lot of persons have been paid while others are yet to be paid their survival fund grant of N30,000 or N50,000. This article would guide you to know when you would be paid and what to do if you have not been paid to enable you get yours.

Why you have not been paid your Survival Fund Grant 2021

  • You would not be paid if your account was not verified after registration. Also, if your BVN did not correspond with the name you used in opening your account.
  • If your BVN could not be verified. That is wrong BVN
  • Wrong Account Details submission. Some put the correct account number with wrong Bank name etc.
  • If the CAC number could not be verified
  • If you were called and could not be able to answer the questions asked by the customer care of Survival Fund
  • If there is any in-correspondence of details uploaded online

Survival Fund Payment Schedule Date for all States 2021

The date for all states in Nigeria to be paid as well as the list of companies or organizations that would be paid have been enlisted to reduce panicking of not being paid. Click on this link for more details

How to check your Survival Fund Grant 2021 Status

If you are very sure you registered for Survival Fund successfully and you are yet to be paid, you can proceed to check your survival fund payment status. Click Here for more details.

How to check Survival Fund Payment Status 2021

To check your Survival Fund Loan Status, Click:

Click on Login and input your login details

Check your account status if is is verified or not or if it is under processing.

This will enable you to know your next line of action.

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