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How to Apply for UNDP Recruitment. Available Positions for UNDP Recruitment. UNDP Jobs Portal. Step by Step Guide on How to Check for Available UNDP Jobs and Apply

UNDP Recruitment / Careers

UNDP Careers: Join a Life Changing Mission

Are you passionate about world development and want to make a difference?

Is a career with UNDP right for you?

If your answer to the above is Yes, then this opportunity is for you.

See full details below.

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General Requirements to Apply for UNDP Job

UNDP Competency Framework

For UNDP to deliver on its mission—both today and in the future—the organization has established a set of core competencies in order to establish a clear understanding of the kind of people needed for success. This Framework sets out the attributes, behaviours, skills, knowledge and expertise needed. The Framework also ensures that UNDP personnel are matched to the roles and projects best suited to them. Finally, the Framework helps align personnel behaviour and attributes with our broader organizational mission and values.

Performance is ranked according tocompetencies in the following four categories:

Core behavioural competencies: Behaviours and attitudes expected of all personnel.

These include: thinking innovatively, adapting with agilityand engaging with partners, among others.

Cross-functional competencies: Behaviours needed for successful performance across multiple roles.

These include: strategic thinking, effective decision-making and entrepreneurial thinking, among others.

People management competencies:

Competencies necessary for successfully managing people from a leadership position. These include: building an enabling workplace, demonstrating empathy and emotional intelligence and managing performance, among others.

Technical competencies: Technical knowledge, skils and experience required for jobs in particular functional areas.

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How to Apply for UNDP Recruitment / Careers

1. Search: Explore the employment categories and find the type of opportunity and
particular position best suited for your skills, experience and interests.
2. Check job requirements: Make sure you fulfill the minimum requirements for the given job posting before moving forward with your application. If you do not, continue searching or check back later for a more suitable opening.
3. Apply: Once you are certain that you comply with the requirements, you are ready to
move forward with your application. Make sure that your application is tailored to the needs of the position. To complete the process, you will have to complete a profile [link] and submit all required materials as detailed in the job posting. You may apply for more than one
posting at once as long as you meet the minimum requirements for each. Once your application is submitted, you will receive an automated email confirming receipt.
4. Selection process: You can view the Recruiting Status of your application by accessing the
My Applications page via the Careers homepage and My Career Tools. Only those moving
forward in the application process will be contacted. Short-listed candidates will be
interviewed and reference checked.
5. Results: Interviewed candidates will be notified of the decision within two weeks of the
interview, with response times varying depending on position, contract and location. An offer will be made to the selected candidate, who will be expected to start within approximately six weeks from the time they are selected.


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