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How to Download Signal App on Your Android or Iphone in Nigeria

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Millions of people use Signal every day for free and instantaneous communication anywhere in the world. This app has been in use for long but not many persons especially those living in Nigeria use it. This guide is to enable you know what Signal Private Messenger is all about and how to download Signal Private Messenger for any device.

What is Signal App?

Signal App is a typical one-tap install app that works like usual text messaging app such as Whatsapp, Telegram etc.

You can download it from Android play store and Apple IOS store.

Signal allow users to send end-to-end encrypted group, message, photo as well as audio and video messages.

The messaging app allow encrypted audio and video calls too.

How to download Signal App on Android

  • Look for Signal app on the app stores
  • Click on install to download and install the app from Play Store- iPhone users will tap on ‘Get’ to download the app
  • After you download the app, open it and enter your details, one of the details you will use is your phone number, which is similar to the way you register for Whatsapp.

How to Download Signal App on iPhone

  • iPhone users are required to select ‘Activate This Device’ and are required to enter a six-digit code which the app will send to you via SMS
  • Once you verify the code, tap on Submit. Users can manually verify the code or allow Signal to copy it directly
  • Signal will request permission to send you notifications. If you want to receive notifications, Tap on “allow”.

 Signal app requires you to set your profile pictures and names, this is what will be shown to your contacts on the app.

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Does Signal work like Whatsapp?

There are some similarities between signal app and whatsapp.

Like Whatsapp you can use Signal app on your Android, iOS, iPad, Mac, Windows or Linux.

Signal is totally free to install and use just like most messaging apps.

Signal support Group features wit a maximum of 150 members. They recently added Group video calls as one of their features.

The app also support regular video and audio calls which are end-to-end encrypted.

Tips and Tricks of Signal App

Signal app allows you turn on disappearing messages which will allow your message to disappear within five seconds to as much as one week.

It also has one feature called Message Requests, which gives you the option to block, delete, or accept messages from unknown persons.

Signal let you react to any message with emojis. You also get the option to not allow a user to take your chat screenshots.

To add anyone in a group, the individual will need to accept the group invitation, unlike WhatsApp.

No third-party or even Signal can read your messages.

Signal does not support third-party backups either. All data remain stored locally on your phone, and if you do lose access to your phone and try to set up Signal on another phone, your previous chat history will be lost.

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