How to Pay GEEP Loan With Repayment Scratch Card| tradermoni loan repayment

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The Tradermoni/GEEP scheme aims to support 2 million Nigerian traders every year. When you successfully register for the loan, you will have opportunity to receive a loan of 10,000 naira with a duration of six (6) months maximum to pay back.

As soon as you pay up the loan you can request for a higher amount. At the moment the maximum amount set aside for traders to borrow is 50,000 naira. If there is any increase in this amount we are surely going to inform you.

The amazing thing about this loan is that you do not have to present any collateral before getting the loan, however it’s important you pay up any amount collected before the last day given.

How to Pay Back Trader Moni / GEEP Loan with Scratch Card

You can easily repay your GEEP loan by loading the card which automatically credits your loan account and updates your loan position.

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The repayment scratch cards were developed as an alternative repayment channel for beneficiaries who don’t have access to banks.

The Easy repayment options offered by GEEP makes it easy for beneficiaries to repay the loans by breaking it down into weekly repayments which can be done at any bank in the country or through repayment scratch-cards sold in market clusters.

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GEEP Agents Nationwide

GEEP agents are equipped with a proprietary application that enables full registration and capture of applicant data eg. bio-data, information on the market, nature of trade, GPS coordinate of the trade point, association member and all other data sets that ensure adequate credit assessment.

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