NPOWER UPDATE!!! How To Identify Fake Npower Transition Data Collection Form

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It is true that Npower management through the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has instructed all Npower state focal persons to collect data of Batch A and Batch B exiting Npower beneficiaries interested in the Ministry transition opportunities. However, it is important to note that Npower did not create a centralized channel for volunteers data collection.
This simply means that the data of volunteers are collected state by state, you can only submit your data to the Npower Focal Person in your state.
This has made the situation a bit confusing for Batch A and Batch B exiting beneficiaries who are interested in submitting their information. We are fully aware that a lot of links are currently being circulated online and it’s quite difficult to determine which one is genuine or not.
Please, be very careful with the information you get on social media, do not disclose your personal information to unverified sources. We do not want you to become victims of fraudsters.

How To Know A Fake Npower Transition Data Collection Form

We have compiled a list of some of the most common methods to determine if Npower Transition form is fake or not.

If you see any of the below listed on the form, kindly know that it is likely a red flag and you must avoid them.

  • Npower Transition form that specify data collection for all Npower volunteers in Nigeria.
  • Npower Transition forms that demand any information aside the information requested by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs
  • Npower data collection form that is full of error
  • Npower data collection form that does not have the correct phone number of your state focal person.

Additional information-

  • Before you fill any form, look out for your State focal person phone number for inquiry. You can visit the NSIP office in your State for an update.
  • Data collection is done with each State using different methods to collect information.

How To Check Your Npower ID Number For Data Collection

It is important you have your ID number because of the ongoing Npower data collection by State Focal Persons. Click here to get your correct Npower ID number

Important Notice- The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has ordered NSIPs s State focal persons to collect data of exited Npower volunteers who are interested in the transition opportunities the Ministry is planning for them.

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