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Introduction to blogging- The meaning of blogging and some of its terms

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If you are reading this it simply means you are interested in blogging. We will be introducing you to what blogging is all about and how to succeed in it.

Blogging can be defined as the act of reading, writing or sharing information online via the aid of a blog.

Do you know that in society today, many persons keep on hearing of the term blogging, but in all honesty and reality they have no clue to what it is all about? As a result of this fact we your friends at InfoPadi have decided to enlighten you with this post. We hope you learn a lot from it.

To continue you, we would like to introduce to you four (4) terms commonly used and their meanings/definitions

  1. Blog– A platform used to publish content on the internet.
  2. Blogging- As earlier defined, is the act of writing or publishing contents for a blog.
  3. Blogger- A person who writes for a blog.
  4. Blogosphere“- Just like atmosphere, it means a network of blogs and bloggers.

Now that we have successfully defined the major terms, we would like to progress, at this point, you are advised to make yourself comfortable as we go further into this introductory class on blogging.

Do you know that there are over 500 million blogs in the world today? In the year 2017 in Nigeria alone over a million blogs were created. Perhaps you are wondering why so many persons are going into this blogging of a thing. We will attempt to address that at any point of this article, hence pay proper attention.

What makes blogging so awesome?

There are many reasons why blogging is awesome, some of such reasons would be written below

  • Blogging is quite easy- Blogs are more easy to operate than websites. In reality you don’t need to be an online genius to be able to operate a blog, all you need is to create a blog, login, write your post and publish, and that is it, your words are now on the net.
  • Blogging can lead to popularity- Making and publishing contents on the net can give you fame, as long as you have people constantly reading your post you could become quite popular.
  • Blogging can give cool cash- This is like an added advantage because it actually takes a while before one can start earning from blogging but when the cash starts coming it could be a great source of extra income.

Like the popular saying, there are two sides to a coin, what has its good sides tends to have a bad side as well. So what exactly are the ugly side of blogging?

What makes blogging lose its awesomeness?

  • Blogging is quite stressful- In order to maintain the interest of your readers, you are expected to keep updating your blog daily, your readers must be able to find fresh contents on your site any time they check it out and also in order to maintain your relevance in search engines.
  • Spammers- Comments on a blog post could be very pleasant but this means is exploited by some persons and is used to spam your blog thereby putting harmful materials on your blog that might be a huge turn off to your readers. Although there are ways to prevent such spammers from getting access to your blog. We will be discussing it in subsequent articles.

We have gotten that out of the way so how exactly can one start blogging, what are the necessary steps to take.

What do I need to know to start blogging?

You just need the basics, first you need to know what you want to blog about, you need an awesome domain name and finally a good blog, you can create one by yourself or contact an expert to do that for you (be careful who you contact, as your friends we can recommend some expert blog builders to you). The most popular blog creating platforms are wordpress.org and blogger.comĀ 

That concludes this introductory article on blogging, take a brief look at the key points

Key Points

We have been able to look at the introduction to blogging, we got some reasons why blogging is awesome, including:

    • Blogging is quite easy
    • Blogging can lead to popularity
    • Blogging can give cool cash

Also two (2) popular blog creating platforms, namely:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
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