NALDA Recruitment Passport Upload Isssues 2020| How to upload your passport successfully

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NALDA Recruitment Passport Upload issues 2020| How to upload your passport successfully.

We have received a lot of complaint from applicants of the NALDA volunteer program on our FaceBook Page. We promised to find a solution to this problem and we are glad to present this NALDA update to you.

We are aware that some persons are having difficulty in uploading passport photograph to their NALDA application.

Are you among those having difficulty in uploading their passport photograph on the NALDA and Buhari Young Farmers Network registration portal?

Just follow the steps contained in this post to correct the error.

NALDA Passport Upload Issue and Solution

Some persons keep getting the error message any time they try to upload their passports on the NALDA online registration portal, &

Do not panic Info Padi has made a promise to provide you with quality information. This post update will guide you on how to successfully upload your passport on the NALDA Volunteer Programme and Buhari Young Farmers Network registration portal.

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How to Upload Passport on NALDA Registration Portal 2020

To successfully upload your passport on the NALDA registration portal, follow the easy steps listed below;

Step one

  1. It is advisable to use a laptop or a computer (you may encounter issues using a mobile phone).
  2. Scan your passport and resize it to 314px X 235px or using Microsoft picture manager on your computer select E-mail Large (314px X 235px) option and save it.

Step Two

This step is only necessary if your passport picture is not in Jpeg format.

  1. Go to your browser
  2. Type convert jpg to jpeg
  3. Upload your scanned passport and convert it.
  4. Passport should not be larger than 180kb

Step Three

  1. Go to and fill your forms
  2. Click on the Button to Upload your passport
  3. Upload your converted passport to the site.
  4. Click on submit

Kudos, you have successfully uploaded your passport on the NALDA Voluteer & Buhari young farmers network registration portal.

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