Npower Update on Applicants BVN Validation, Confirmation Email Issues and Solutions 2020

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Npower Application Portal is open and registration is in full gear. However, some persons are having issues because they have not gotten their confirmation email. This update will guide you on the right steps to take so you don’t lose out on your application.

I have not received my Npower Confirmation Email, what do I do?

The first thing to do is to stay calm. You are expected to check your email inbox. If you don’t get the message you can proceed to check your email spam box. If you did not still get the confirmation message, continue reading this post till the end to get the final solution. portal.

BVN not validated on Npower Registration Portal 2020

If your BVN was not validated and your registration was successful, there is no need for you to re-register. According to the Npower team, your application was successful and you will receive your confirmation email soon.

According to Npower-

Dear Applicants,

We understand some of you have had issues completing your registration. We are resolving the issues with the bulk mail service provider as well as assisting to optimise the BVN validation endpoints.

The issues will be resolved soon.

Npower Confirmation Email Issues and Solutions

The management of the Federal Government’s youths empowerment programme, N-Power, opened its registration portal for intending applicants on June 26 at 11:45 pm.

We have been receiving a lot of complaints from Npower 2020 applicants of not receiving confirmation email, even after a pop-up message appears on the screen.

Please note, all those who applied before the date and time as stated above are to ignore that registration and apply again. Applications before 11:45 PM is invalid.

Reacting to the issues faced by applicants regarding getting the confirmation emails, Npower has asked all applicants to check their spam folders for the emails and be vigilant.

According to the official statement by Npower

Kindly disregard rumors of slots being allocated. Apply. Get your friends and families to apply.

Once selection is made, ask the beneficiaries who they knew before they were selected.

Can I continue with the Npower registration without receiving confirmation email?

Yes, you can continue with your Npower registration even without receiving a confirmation email. As long as you can login to your Npower portal, you are capable of continuing the registration. Continue your Npower registration here

What do I do after successful Npower 2020 registration?

You are expected to keep your Npower ID safe. It is advisable for you to print out the successful registration page containing your details.

We wish you success.

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