News and Edu| NYSC Batch A 2020 Online Registration, Mobilization & Orientation Timetable

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NYSC Batch A 2020/2021 Online Registration Date| NYSC Batch A 2020 Mobilization Timetable | Date for NYSC Batch A 2020 Orientation Camp

This post update is specifically for all fresh graduates and potential prospective corp members (PCM’s) on the new press release by NYSC board on guide to successfully mobilize for the NYSC 2020 Batch A and date for the commencement of the 2020 NYSC Batch A online registration. 2020 NYSC Batch A Online Portal.

NYSC Batch A 2020 Online Registration Update

There are certain things that must be properly put in place before commencement of the 2020 NYSC Batch A online registration. We will show you in the guide below.

Things to put in Place before 2020 NYSC Batch A online registration

As stated above, there are some important things you must do before you can go for the 2020 NYSC Batch A service year. Check out the list below

Also Note-

  • During the NYSC 2020 online registration, you will be required to do a biometric capture (i.e to get your finger prints captured)
  • To get your NYSC Batch A 2020 Call-Up Letter, you will be required to pay an amount ranging from 2500-3000 Naira.

Important Documents for NYSC Batch A PCM’s to present for online registration

  • JAMB registration number
  • Valid Matriculation number
  • Complete names as contained in your credentials
  • Name of school attended from primary – tertiary level, starting date and ending date
  • Married women need to have their marriage certificates at hand. See full NYSC Mobilization criteria for Married Women here
  • Recent passport photographs with both ears showing.
  • Ensure you make payments after you must have submitted your form online.

When will NYSC Mobilization for 2020 Batch A start?

The mobilization for NYSC Batch A 2020 will begin as soon as Batch C Stream II are through with camp, this is likely to be in December, 2019 or early January, 2020. We will notify you of any changes.

Will NYSC Batch A 2020 have Stream 1 and Stream 2?

Yes, as it is the new tradition of NYSC, the 2020 Batch A will have NYSC Batch A 2020 Stream 1 and Stream 2. There will be different online registration and mobilization.

When will NYSC Batch A 2020 Registration Portal open for registration?

NYSC Batch A 2020 registration is scheduled to fully commence in February, 2020, as a result of the proposed date for mobilization above.


The NYSC Batch A 2020 Mobilization timetable is out. Click Here to download it

NYSC Batch A 2020 Whatsapp Group

NYSC Batch A 2020 whatsapp group is available. Indicate your interest and we will add you to the group.

NYSC Batch A 2020 TimeTable

NYSC Batch A 2020 Best States to Serve

See the complete list of all 36 States including the FCT and how much they pay corp members monthly.
If you still find it hard to choose, follow the link HOW TO SELECT THE BEST STATE FOR YOUR NYSC  SERVICE.


How To Register NYSC 2020 Batch A

  • Go to the NYSC Online Portal via
  • Create an account with a valid email.
  • Go to the email and confirm account
  • Proceed to input all required info.

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