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NYSC Batch C 2019 Latest News Update on Senate List| Upload Names to Senate List For NYSC Registration

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This post contains the date of when all the names will be Uploaded on NYSC SENATE LIST for Batch C Online Registration– We have been receiving messages from all NYSC Batch C 2019 Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) regarding when their name will be uploaded online to the 2019 NYSC Senate List to enable them commence the 2019 NYSC Batch C Online Registration.

In this article, you will find the date for NYSC mobilization by all Universities, Polytechnics and College of Education accredited. You will also be able to check for your name on NYSC Batch C Senate List 2019.

To further show our determination in ensuring a smooth NYSC service registration and NYSC Service year, Info Padi will be answering some frequently asked questions by PCM’s regarding NYSC BATCH C 2019

F.A.Q about NYSC Senate List and NYSC Batch C 2019/2020

If there are information you need that are not covered in this article, kindly reach out to us using the directive at the bottom of this post. You can also ask your questions or drop comments in the provided spaces below.

I have been mobilized by my school for NYSC, but my name is not found on the NYSC Senate List, What is the problem?

It is normal for you to get worried in such a situation; however the reality is that you have nothing to fear. Take out time to see some possible reasons why your name was not found on the NYSC Senate List.

Reasons why your name is not on NYSC Senate List

There are several reasons why your name is not yet on the NYSC Senate List for Batch C, we will list them below-

  • You have not completed your school clearance.
  • You have not confirmed if your name is on JAMB MATRICULATION LIST FOR NYSC MOBILIZATION – The consequence of this one is that if you mobilize without checking, your name will be on error list.
  • You have not been notified by JAMB after your JAMB Regularization – For your JAMB Regularization Click Here
  • You have not done school mobilization – This is where you pay certain amount for NYSC Mobilization in your school, submit some documents like Admission Letter, JAMB Original Result etc. and fill NYSC Mobilization form in your school.
  • When hard copies of your credentials has not been submitted to NYSC by your school for upload on the NYSC portal
  • When there are uncertainties or unverified documents submitted to NYSC which may cause delay while the board is going through it – This is where ages and documents submitted to NYSC are been scrutinized.
  • If institutions submit more than the required numbers of graduates to NYSC

Please Note: If your name is not yet on NYSC Senate List, you cannot register as a Local Trained Nigerian Graduate.

How to Check NYSC Senate List 2019/2020

It is important that your name and details be found on the NYSC Senate List for Batch C PCM if you want to be able to go for service this year. If your name and details are found on the list, it simply means that your school has sent your details to NYSC and you are eligible to serve and vice versa.

To check for your details on the NYSC SENATE List

Click on Check NYSC SENATE LIST 2019

I am yet to be mobilized by my school due to delay in release of my results and clearance; can I still join this batch c?

Yes, you can still join NYSC Batch C. There is nothing to worry about, do not panic. If there are some delays that you can’t handle, allow things to follow due process and you will be able to go for service with the next stream that is NYSC BATCH C STREAM 2.

Approved Date for NYSC Batch C Online Registration 2019 and Timetable- Click Here

NYSC Online Registration is likely going to commence on the 8th of October, 2019. We will notify you if there is a change in date.

If you still find it hard to choose a state to serve, follow the link HOW TO SELECT THE BEST STATE FOR YOUR NYSC  SERVICE.

If you have decided already, no need for you to visit that link, instead follow this link ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR NYSC ORIENTATION CAMP


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  • Please my name is on the Senate list but the status is showing that my jamb reg number does not exist and I cannot register.

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