Paystack And Google Recovery Support Program for Nigerian SMEs

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This update is to inform you about all you need to know about the Paystack and Google recovery support program and how To Benefit From the 500,000 SMEs Paystack, Google Recovery Support Program 2020/2021.

Paystack And Google Recovery Support Program for Nigerian SMEs

Paystack partnered with Google to help over 500,000 SMEs in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa restart, recover and digitize their businesses with new tools, financial support, and training.

Since 2017, Google and Paystack have helped millions of people find a job, grow their career or business. Now, they are here to help accelerate the economic recovery through their technology, tools and training; so that businesses, communities and people can grow stronger, faster and rise up.

How to get started with the Paystack And Google Recovery Support Program

All interested businesses and individuals should: Click here to get started

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