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How to resolve invalid details issues when login in JAMB Portal/Profile

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Are you one of those persons finding it hard to login to your JAMB PORTAL/PROFILE?

We can only imagine how worried you are considering how important your JAMB Portal is in your admission process.

Do not overwork your brain, relax. You are not alone in this issue,as a lot of candidates have also been having issues while trying to login to their Profile on the JAMB portal.

Read through this post carefully, we believe it will help you understand what must be done to resolve this issue.

To gain access to your profile you must use the exact same email and password that was used while registering for the JAMB Examination.

If you are unable to login into your JAMB portal, it simply means that one of your login details provided is wrong or invalid. In this case it may be the Email address or the password that has the issue.

Please note that a new password is usually created at the JAMB CBT Center. You will not be able to use your regular email password as it may have been changed during the registration process.

If you are having such issues, the best solution is to contact the CBT Centre we’re you registered. They will be able to help resolve the issue.

However, if you are very sure that your details are correct, you may want to consider the second (2nd) method below.

To ensure that your email is correct, look for any of your print out gotten during the registration. It may be that some letters are missing or something. So you are to enter it exactly as it is.

If the email is wrong, try to create that exact email as you will need it to proceed.

For easy understanding, we will be listing the steps.

How To Retrieve/Reset Jamb Portal Login Details

  • Visit
  • Scroll down and click on “CLICK HERE TO RESET YOUR PASSWORD”.
  • When the next page is opened, input your Email Address and Date of Birth.

If you entered your details correctly, proceed to the following

  • Login to your email address.
  • Click on “Reset my Password “.
  • A page with a “CREATE NEW PASSWORD ” will appear.
  • Enter your new Password and click “Change Password “.

That’s all that is involved. You can now proceed to Login to your JAMB PORTAL / PROFILE Here

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