NDE FG N250,000 Support Fund and Skills Acquisition Programme 2022/2023

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NDE FG N250,000 Support Fund and Skills Acquisition Programme 2022/2023. See full details on how to successfully apply for the NDE FG N250,000 Support Fund and Skills Acquisition Programme 2022/2023.

NDE FG N250,000 Support Fund and Skills Acquisition Programme 2022/2023

Are you a citizen of Nigeria? Do you wish to be an Entrepreneur? Are you in need of a capital to start up your business? Do you need money to support your family? Do you wish to benefit from Federal Government National Directorate of Employment (NDE) opportunities? Do you wish to learn skills that would benefit you till lifetime?

If your answer to the above questions is YES, then this article is definitely for you.

NDE FG N250,000 Support Fund and Skills Acquisition Programme 2022 Begins: Apply Here

FGN wants every youth to benefit and they deemed it fit to provide Skills Acquisition Programme for all to Apply. National Directorate of Employment (NDE) Job for All is also giving out fund to all successful applicants.

NDE Skills Acquisition Schemes available for all Nigerians

National Directorate of Employment is the foremost agency in charge of job creation in Nigeria. Below are different schemes that that Nigerians can benefit from.


The programme involves the use of NDE skills acquisition training centers across the country as well as informal sector operators such as master crafts-men and women as training outlets for unskilled school leavers. Where the informal sector operators are use, the trainees are attached with them for periods long enough for the apprentices to acquire the necessary skills. The department also deploys well-equipped mobile workshops to train unemployed youths in rural areas where informal training outlets are non-existent.

To Apply for NDE Vocational Skills Development – CLICK HERE

NDE FG N250,000 Fund for Small Scale Enterprises (SSE)

The Small Scale Enterprises [SSE] programme is one of the four core programmes of the NDE designed to inculcate in the unemployed Nigerian graduates and other interested persons, the spirit, creativity and self-reliance with a view to assisting them set up their own businesses in order to create employment for themselves and other Nigerians.

To Register and Get Fund of N250,000 – CLICK HERE


This scheme is designed to generate mass employment at community levels in collaboration with benefiting communities, which provides a ready source of on-the–job training for unskilled and skilled members of the community leading to capacity building of designated technical personnel. Equally, public infrastructure is established and regularly maintained.

To register for NDE 774,000 Special Public Works (SPW) and get paid of N20,000 every month – CLICK HERE


This scheme is for agricultural development and training in NDE Agricultural Park. Funds will be given to all successful applicants

To register for NDE Rural Employment Promotion in Agricultural Sectors and Training for improvement – CLICK HERE

Federal Government NG Cares Grant Loan Application Form Portal

This scheme is to give all that applied Grant depending on the amount they requested for. The Grant will help boost your business and also assist new starters.

To Apply for NG Cares Grant Loan – CLICK HERE

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