NEXIT Npower Registration Closing Date []

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This post was specifically made to answer this question “when is nexit npower registration closing?” It became necessary we make this update because of the numerous questions we keep getting from readers.

Requirements for Npower NEXIT CBN Empowerment Grant Registration

  • Applicant must be an exited Batch A or Batch B Npower Beneficiary
  • Email address – the one you used for Npower registration
  • Phone number – the one you used for Npower registration
  • Full Name – the way you arranged it during Npower registration
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Password you will remember

Npower NEXIT Registration Application Form Portal

The deadline for Npower NEXIT Registration Application announcement is to inform those that are yet to start or complete their registration process or who are yet to update their records via their portal to do that as soon as possible.

Persons still having issues in activating their portal or verifying their email address should click here immediately.

Closing Date for Npower NEXIT Registration Application Form Portal

The deadline or closing date for Npower NEXIT Registration for CBN Empowerment 2020 is not yet announced. This is because there are still some unresolved issues on the portal. We encourage you to hurry and apply while the portal is still open.

From speculations, the NEXIT portal will be closed this month.

We promise to update you on any changes regarding NEXIT Portal closing date.

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