Nexit NSIP Email Credentials Update SMS | All You Need To Know

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This post contains all you need to do if you you received an SMS from NSIP team stating that your email credentials have been updated but you still can’t log in to the Nexit portal. We believe this would help you address all your issues regarding NEXIT portal.

Nexit NSIP Email Credentials Update SMS

Did you receive this message below-

Dear Volunteer, Your email credentials have been updated. Please login into the NEXIT portal. Contact for issues resolution. Thank you.

This simply means that the NSIP team are trying to wrap up things to enable them move to the next stage of Nexit.

The SMS above was sent out to Nexit Applicants who are having issues with their Nexit Registration and those affected need to take this SMS seriously and immediately act as instructed before the next stage begin.

If you filled the Nexit Portal Email Update form, you can now register for nexit, verify your account. However some Applicants are still having login issues after their email address is Verified.

Are you still having NEXIT troubles from the list of issues below:

  • Can’t Register (email not recognized)
  • Registered ( Yet to receive verification mail)
  • Registered, verified (But can’t login)
  • forgotten login password
  • Account blocked ( Due to multiple attempt)

Kindly contact stating your issue! Make sure you include your name, old email, new email, Npower Registration number, etc. That is what the SMS means.

NOTE: You must be among Exited batches A and B Npower Volunteers to register for nexit.

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