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NYSC 2019 Batch A Stream 1 and Stream 2 important update-

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NYSC Batch A 2019 Stream 1 and Stream 2 Update

NYSC 2019- Are you eager to know more about the NYSC 2019 schedule for the Batch A stream 1 and Batch A Stream 2? Do you want to know the date the orientation camp exercise would commence? Read this update till the end, you will not regret it.


Although no date has been fixed yet for the commencement of the 2019 orientation camp exercise, we are positive the date would be released soon and we will waste no time to inform you, this is a promise we are making to you all our beloved readers.

While we wait for the final date, we will not leave you without dropping this important information, so you will be adequately prepared, so we are presenting to you the requirements and documents you have to have readily available.

What you need to know to successfully go for NYSC

All 2019 NYSC batch A Stream 1 and 2 prospective corps members (PCM’s) are expected to have an active email and also a valid and active phone number, this would be used in the registration process and they also would be contacted via those communication channels.

Also, kindly note that you can only apply/register using the approved websites of the NYSC authority, any of the above listed sites could be used to register.

The approved websites are as listed below


If you noticed any mistakes in your date of birth, you will be able to correct it easily using information from the West African Examination Council (WAEC). This is the latest form of correcting errors as approved by the NYSC governing body.



  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on the link Date of Birth
  • Now enter your WAEC verification pin
  • Select WAEC type
  • Enter year of exam and examination number
  • Click on the verify button
  • When you are completely sure that you entered the correct details proceed to submit.




If your course of study is also wrong you can correct it easily, follow this steps below

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on correction of course of study
  • Select the correct course of study
  • Click on submit.

The economy is not very friendly, so we will like to help you save money, hence the need to write this part.

During the course of registration PCM’s spend a lot of money. We would be informing you on how to pay for your call-up number at a less expensive rate. Pay attention to the guideline below

The payment method is called REMITA. That is the approved method of paying


  • Visit any of the above listed NYSC official websites
  • Click on login
  • Now proceed to fill in your Email ID and password (use same email and password used during registration).
  • Now you will be redirected to the REMITA page with various payment options.
  • Pick the payment option suitable to you and follow all information that would be given you.

The infopadi team now believes that you have gotten the idea, please do not fail to connect with us via our various platforms, we believe you have a better idea on all the NYSC stages, for more clarity contact our admin.





We hope this information is helpful. Do well to subscribe to our blog for free using your Email for more NYSC updates.

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  • please how long will it take for WAEC Date of birth correction to be verified?
    my is almost 48 hours now and yet it has not been verified.
    please I need your reply. thanks

  • Im owen Ala a foreign student Please I’ve Uploaded all my Document and yet I’ve not been Mobilize still telling me I’ve not be Evaluated
    And I’m sure I’ve been Evaluated in School
    How do I go about it Please and registration will soon close when is Batch B and C coming up please

    • No need to panic, go through all your documents to check if they were uploaded properly. If you are convinced that it was uploaded properly then you have nothing to fear. Just relax, you will be evaluated.

      • Please I’ve Uploaded My Print out of My result and I was told to upload the original Copy I want to waec office to take dem,I edited the former one and uploaded it, now uploaded the new Original Copy and was told to upload the French Vision too I did all that… but the Print out of the One I put be4 hasn’t remove still showing hope it won’t effect it or wat should I do???How long will it take 4 us to be Evaluated Cos portal Office will close on Sunday

      • Im Owen Ala Mercy a Foreign Student Please log in My Gmail,my Acct of My NYSC portal and I was Told to Upload My French Vision of my Degree and My O Leave Cert which I’ve done since last week Thursday so still telling me I haven’t been evaluated,dey haven’t Given me my Call up No wats Going On??

  • My jamb reg was inputted wrong while uploading my name for batch A stream 1, will there b stream II or I will have to wait till batch B and when will that be?

  • My jamb reg no was inputted wrongly while uploading my name for batch A steam 1, will there b stream 2 or I will have to wait for batch B and when will that be?

  • my name is Egboche Edwin which I beared in waec result, but due to nysc mobilization regulations I bear Egboche Edwin Kennedy. is it going to give rise to any implication

  • Please I Log in My Gmail,My Acct of NYCS portal and Was Told to Upload My French Vision Of My Cert and Original Copy of my Waec Result which I’ve done that since last week Thursday still telling me I haven’t been evaluated yet I haven’t gotten My Call Up No wats Going On???

  • I logged in to my dashboard and it gave me a notification that, I was going to be notified when to print out my call-up letter, DAT I am not among those going in stream one.

  • Do u no when stream 1 is going because it is really frustrating waiting for another extra month. Pls I am waiting form ur reply thanks

    • Stream 1 ought to go to camp this month, but for now due to the unexplained delay in printing the call up letter, it is believed that mobilization may be done some time later.

  • My name is Aganyi Lilian I log in to my dash board to print out my callup letter only to find out that I will be mobilized by July please I want to know why and on what Stream thanks

  • I got anoda notification DAT my orientation course had been scheduled to hold by July, is DAT stream 2 or batch b?

      • OK but a previous calender from the NYSC showed July 2018 for batch b,and now part of batch A are also notified on their call up letters till does that mean we are going together as a batch or they will go before the batch b please?

  • Please there is a mistake in my jamb date of birth. I was mobilize, after registration i discover that 1986 was use for me instead of 1992. It was showing me examption after registratin. What can i do now? Please i want to serve my country. Am using NECO result.

  • Pease iam using NECO result and there is a mistake in my date of birth, how will i correct it? please i need help because i want to serve my country.

  • I did my registration without payment…. before the batch stream 1 left….can I make payment now to go with the coming batch A stream 2? please I need response

    • The payment is just for you to get your call-up number immediately. It has no way of affecting you from going to service when you ought too go.

  • wat’s happening, my dashboard always saying my orientation course has been scheduled July, 2918. what does that mean pls

  • when I check my dashboard I still cant find any info it coz I have not paid and can I make payment now or its too late..pls help out

  • pls my name didn’t come out in batch A stream 1. Will any names still come out in batch A stream 2?

  • pls my name didn’t come out in batch A stream 1.will any name still come out in batch A stream 2?

  • Pls i login my dashbord to correct my date of birth but it did not open why and what can do now? pls i need help serously

  • Please am in the same situation with modi Kingsley. Will another names be out? For batch A stream 2.

  • Please and please I need the answer ASAP. .please is nysc going to reopen registration for we people that have not registered ..cos most of ppl going in July have registered before but I haven’t done my registration..

  • Pls, I want to know if nysc portal will be opened for people who have not registered during the July 2018.

  • good day sir.plz can you enlighten me more on this stream of a thing,bcos I over head that streams have been scrashed y is it that,the whole of batch A,did not go along side with the batch A set?

  • Good day sir, if i have my names not properly arranged on my certificate-as in Monday Lawrence Adah instead of Adah Lawrence Monday, will it affect me in camp and if i have school ID but not updated will it. Pls keyboard problem for question mark.

  • Pls my dashboard did not open for me to correct my date of birth. Pls is there other way to correct it?

  • Pls sir, i had that remobilisation is going on, is it true? And how can one do it with the problem of date of birth? Pls sir i need help.

  • pls sir am confused wen i checked my email during printng of call up letter i was notified dat am not among stream1 but after stream 1 orientation camp i enter my email to no if dey ve started posting for stream 2 i found out i was among stream 1 but i was sure of wat i saw so can i still go wit stream 2 am totally confus

  • I am to go for July, but presently on a volunteer program which will last me till August, what happens if I don’t go?

  • I can’t print up my call up letter even after successfully completing my registration since 6th of April 2018. each time I log on the website to input my email and password this is what comes up


    Its really a concern to me please I need your assistance

  • Pls sir my dash board says my orientation course has been scheduled for july and i will be notified when to print my call up letter. But i just called d person that registerd my nysc and he said i should pay him 3500 for remobilization.

  • Pls the name in my account number is different from the name in my school cert,and I have done change of name as a married woman I don’t no whether to Change my account name to the name in my school cert or to change to my husband’s name

  • Please has the new date for batch B being released yet heard the portal is coming up by tomorrow pls is that true

  • I have been mobilized for July but was told that my marital status not approved. I was asked to upload clear change of name but there is no provision for uploading. Please sir what do I do?

  • Please my date of birth is not correct and I did neco not waec,what am I going to do?

      • pls hope this won’t affect me in camp, am from edo state and I don’t have the state of origin certificate but I schooled in oyo so I have oyo state of origin certificate and I uploaded it wen I did registration, hope it won’t affect me?

  • Pls,i started my registration for exclusion letter in april,bt the portal did nt open the next page after educational qualifications with dates till the registration date closed & my biometrics was successful,pls wil i b able to continue in the next registration dates & how long will it take to print out my exclusion letter cos am i need of it urgently,thanks.

  • Please I registered during batch A in April but didn’t get a call up letter, Ive received my call up number and printed my green card. But do I have to register again for this set going in July or just wait for my letter?

  • good am sir!pls sir i entered my dashbord now and i saw batch b but before what was in my dashbord is”your orientation course has been scheduled to july”though they did not tell me to print my call up letter but i regitered for batch a and call up no is already in my dashbord am confused

  • Pls sir,i registerd on April and my orientation course was scheduled july but now my call-up no is nt showing agn on my dashboard.pls wat hapn?i need help

  • Pls sir I want to know because some persons are confusing me on this issue when and how will I be notify about my location for this month batch A service,will u notify me through my email a day before 24th or do I go back to my school now to check for my location letter.before 24july I don’t want anything that will make me go late to camp pls.

    • Sir there is a serious problem now and I need ur attention pls I registered for the nysc portal April and I printed out my green slip stating my am batch a and my orientation has been scheduled for july.have been waiting patiently Al my life to recieve my alocation letter.until now no call up letter it’s for days to go now before camp.sir u can’t believe I jus opened my portal dashboard today and saw am no longer going for batch a but batch sir pls what is going many green slip do I need to printe and who r those my God has given my destiny to manipulate.i don’t understand sir y me what have I done wrong I need to pls.

  • Sir my problem is I have my printed green slip batch a agianst my registration on April am suppose to go to camp by Tuesday 24july now am seeing on my dash board am no longer batch a but batch b sir what is going on do i now need two green slip.sir this issue need urgent attention i need to know who God has handed my destiny to manipulate.because I have waiting all my life for this days until now.what exactly is happening to people who God mistakingly put into power in this country are they there to help us out to our destiny or put our lives, hope into comfussion n shatter our dreams.i don’t understand what to believe whether Yahoo people are the one hacking this confusion or it really nysc administors doing this pls I need answers pls

  • I was unable to go for stream 1 due to health issues ,i was been posted to sokoto , can I be given the privilege to go with the stream 2. and will my date of reporting change on my dashboard.

    • The date has not yet been specified, but be rest assured that we will notify you as soon as it is released.

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