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NYSC Orientation Camp Re-Opening Date Update|

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NYSC 2020 ORIENTATION CAMP LATEST UPDATE| See the latest news about NYSC reopening of Orientation Camps 2020. A lot of person are asking if the 2020 Batch NYSC orientation camp will open in October, November or December.

If you are among the 2020 prospective corp member who ought to have been in the 2020 NYSC orientation camp but couldn’t due to the outbreak of Corona virus. The info contained in this article will be very vital to you.

NYSC Orientation Camps 2020 latest news update

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) through the online channel wishes to inform everyone that there is no official date for the reopening of orientation camps.

Adenike Adeyemi, the NYSC’s Director of Press and Public Relations, in Abuja described reports that the orientation course will resume October 27, 2020 as fake.

According to Adeyemi,

it is imperative to state that the Scheme has ensured that all the COVID-19 safety protocols incidental to safe hosting of Orientation programmes are in place in all its 37 Orientation Camps.

When will NYSC Orientation Camp 2020 be reopened?

It is not certain if the NYSC 2020 orientation camp will be opened in October, November or December 2020, however, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) have expressed hope that the Federal Government will soon give approval for the full resumption of camping.

Director of Press and Public Relations, Adenike Adeyemi in his address to the general public said-

NYSC sincerely appreciates the patience so far shown by the PCMs who have waited for over six months to be called-up for participation in the Scheme, it equally empathizes with them over the unanticipated disruption of their programmes, resulting from COVID-19 pandemic.

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