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How to prevent your car from being stolen 2019- Discover some common tricks

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The rate at which crime has grown in Nigeria calls for a lot of concern on the part of every true lover of our beloved country. With this ugly menace ravaging through the moral fibre of society; one cannot help but ask, what exactly is the root cause of this problem?

Many would attribute this to the economic hardship being experienced by many, some would blame it on the government and leadership of the country, others would attribute it to laziness on the part of the individuals who involve in such criminal activities, and whatever is the reason for such act, engaging in crime is not the best solution out of poverty.

As your information friend, we want to use this article to teach you how to protect yourself and your vehicle from thieves.

There is a reason you bought a car, it is either for business purpose or simply for comfort, saving money and getting a good car in Nigeria is not easy. After going through the rigors of getting a car another person who has no idea of what you passed through acquiring that car would come and steal it. That is not good enough.

If the criminals realize that they can’t steal your vehicle, they will ultimately decide to move away with spare parts such as car battery, spare tyres, fire extinguisher, car jacks and other accessories they can easily carter away.


  • Ensure you do not pack your cars in an open place especially at night. (if you live in a compound without a fence, you are advised to seek a more protective compound to keep your vehicles)
  • Even when you have parked your car in a secure environment, always ensure you lock your doors, boot and bonnet properly.
  • Your vehicle is not a warehouse; remove every important documents, items etc from the car especially at night.
  • Securing your car with an alarm system is also a plus to safety (if your car does not have a factory fitted alarm, you can improvise by getting one installed in your car)
  • Find a way to chain your vehicle battery, so it cannot be removed except the key is opened. (Also do this for your spare battery).
  • Be vigilant; avoid late night movements as much as possible.
  • Install security lights around your compound especially around were your vehicle is parked.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings, chances are the person that wants to rob you has been observing you for some time.
  • If you can afford it, build a well secured car park (garage) in your compound with protective gates and roof.
  • Pray always.

Protect your properties today; the bad guys are not smiling.

If you have any other suggestions on how to protect vehicles, kindly inform us, so we can update the list.

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