Step-by-Step Guide: NSE Registration and Portal

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Step-by-Step Guide: NSE Registration and Portal. Checkout this detailed guide on registering with the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). Be part of the esteemed organization representing the engineering profession in Nigeria.

About Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)

The Nigerian Society of Engineers is the umbrella organization for the Engineering Profession in Nigeria. The Society looks after the professional needs of members through well structured programmes and regular interactions among the different cadre of membership, enhancing high professional standard and ethical practices.

The Organisation was Founded on 16th February, 1958 major challenge by a group of young Nigerian graduate engineers and students in the UK, the Society was inaugurated at the Nigerian House in London. The NSE is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a company Limited by guarantee.

NSE Membership Requirements: Grades and Guidelines

Aspiring members can attain one of the six membership grades, including Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Corporate Member, Graduate Member, Associate, and Student Member. Education and training prerequisites for each grade are outlined here: NSE Membership Requirements.

How to Register on NSE Portal: Step by Step

  1. Account Creation: Initiate the application process by creating an account. For returning users, log in or confirm payment.
  2. Read Registration Instructions: Before filling the application form, thoroughly read and understand the Registration Instructions. This ensures a seamless registration process.
  3. Payment Process: All payments must be initiated from the portal, with options to pay online, via the bank, or other channels provided by Interswitch or Remita. Payments originating from the portal will automatically unlock your registration account.
  4. Enquiries and Support:
    • For general enquiries and complaints, send an email to:
    • Membership-related inquiries:
    • Portal issues and support:
    • Account and profile updates:

    For direct support, call 0817-346-0994.

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