Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Registration – Renewed Hope

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Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Registration – Renewed Hope. See how to register for the Renewed Hope CCT program here.

Household Uplifting Program (HUP) Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT)

See the available financial support for vulnerable citizens through the National Cash Transfer Office’s Household Uplifting Programme (HUP) Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT). This guide provides crucial details on the Renewed Hope CCT Registration Portal and the transformative benefits of the program.

Base Cash Transfers

Receive targeted monthly base cash transfers of NGN 5,000 to enhance consumption levels and foster savings skills. The goal is to reduce poverty, prevent vulnerable households from worsening their situation, and empower them to progress beyond their starting point.

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Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) – Top Up:

Qualify for an additional NGN 5,000 through the top-up cash transfer by engaging in activities contributing to human capital development and environmental sustainability. Adherence to specified “co-responsibilities” related to education, environment, health, and nutrition is crucial. Objectives of the top-up cash transfer include:

  • Education: Increase children’s school enrollment and attendance.
  • Environment: Address environmental hazards for improved productive assets.
  • Health: Enhance utilization of health facilities for ante-natal care, post-natal care, and child immunization.
  • Nutrition: Improve child nutrition.

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Livelihood Support:

Graduate out of poverty with livelihood support activities that instill an entrepreneurial mindset. This component complements cash transfers, enabling households to build sustainable livelihoods. Beneficiaries engage in various activities such as farming, animal husbandry, petty trading, and community projects for self-reliance.

Capacity Building:

Beneficiaries undergo capacity building in Savings and Group Mobilization, Life Skills, Micro Business Skills, Co-orientation, and Nutrition training. This equips them with the knowledge and skills needed for self-improvement.

Productive Activities by Beneficiaries:

  • Farming (cassava, maize, rice)
  • Animal farming (goats, sheep, poultry, cows, piggery)
  • Petty trading (provision shops)
  • Processing of produce (rice, cassava, oil palm, shear butter, groundnut)
  • Rendering of services (milling, tailoring)
  • Community projects (boreholes, well drilling, health center, and school renovations)

Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Trnsfer (CCT) Registration Portal

To register for the Conditional Cash Transfer, visit Renewed Hope CCT Registration Portal. Seize this opportunity to uplift your household and contribute to a brighter future.

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