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Step by Step Guide on How to Check JAMB Result 2019 via

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The 2019 JAMB UTME began on the 11th of April, and it is estimated that over 1.5 Million persons are participating in this years JAMB exam. After every exam comes the result and we will be giving you a detailed guide on how to check your JAMB 2019 Result immediately it is released.

JAMB Result Checker 2019- Check your JAMB Result

In time past, to check the JAMB result it was required that all candidates buy a JAMB Result Checker Scratch Card, but now it has been made easy as you can check your result online at any point in time or location without paying any money for it.

Information we gathered states that the JAMB UTME results would be sent to candidates email address and mobile phone numbers used during registrations.

To be double sure, you can check your JAMB Score 2019 directly using your JAMB Registration Number.

How to check JAMB CBT 2019 UTME Result

This is a guide on how to check your JAMB Result 2019 online with ease. We hope that the result turns out way better than you imagine.

Follow the easy steps below to check 2019 JAMB UTME result

Please Note- You can only check your JAMB result 5 times after which you will be requested to buy a pin if you want to check again. Don’t waste the opportunity.

How can I check my JAMB Result 2019?

To check this result directly on JAMB main website,

How to Check JAMB Result 2019 on JAMB Portal/Profile

  1. Visit JAMB UTME e-Registration Portal here:
  2. Allow the page to load properly
  3. Input your details and login
  4. Click on the box ”Check 2019 UTME Examination Results
  5. Your result will be displayed on your browser screen, if it is not yet out you will see a message like this “You Do Not Have Any Result Yet“.

It is advisable to use google chrome browser or mozilla firefox browser to check your result.

How to do JAMB Change of Course 2019 and JAMB Change of Institution 2019- Gain Admission

Release status of JAMB 2019 results below:

This status would be updated from the moment the result is out, keep checking this website for update. You can bookmark this page.

  • 11th April UTME – Results are Not Out
  • 12th April UTME – Results are Not Out
  • 13th April UTME – Results are Not Out
  • 14th April UTME – Results are Not Out
  • 15th April UTME – Results are Not Out
  • 16th April UTME – Results are Not Out
  • 17th April UTME – Results are Not Out

Jamb Results Checkers – Results of UTME Candidates

JAMB Result 2019 Showing “You Do Not Have Any Result Yet”- What do i do?

If you tried to check your JAMB result and it showed You do not have any result yet, do not panic, as long as you took th exam your result would be released. This error could be as a result of poor internet connection or wrong JAMB details. Check the details you put and try again later

Please Note- Only Candidates, who have written their examination 1 to 3 days before are expected to see their results online but if you see the message “You Do Not Have Any Result Yet”, please keep checking every day.

When will JAMB 2019 Result be out?

Are you wondering when JAMB result 2019 would be released and you need the correct information concerning your admission process? This is the right place to be. The exact date has not been specified yet.

JAMB CAPS Portal 2019

Do you need information about your JAMB CAPS portal? The portal is very important as it is the only means approved by JAMB to accept or reject admission. I(f you have forgotten your JAMB CAPS details or you are having difficulty in Login in to the portal click on JAMB CAPS Portal Solutions Here

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