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How To Make Liquid Soap- How To Get The Raw Materials Cheap and How to Make Good Profit

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Liquid soap production seems to have gained a lot of popularity in our country, this could be attributed to many reasons, one of which is the economic situation plus people are eager to try out new things and also make ends meet.

We would like to inform you that liquid soap making business in Nigeria is quite lucrative as you can start the business with little capital and make a good profit from it. There is market for it also as people must require it daily to go about their washing, cleaning etc.


For measurement purpose, we would be guiding you on producing 40 litres of liquid soap; you can double the amount for more litres. All chemicals listed can easily be gotten at any chemical shop close to you.

  1. 10 – 20 tea- spoons – Texapon; 2 l. – Sulphonic Acid;
  2. 10-20 tea-spoons – Sodium Tripoyphosphate (S.T.P.P);
  3. 165 grams – Caustic Soda;
  4. 245 grams – Soda Ash;
  5. 35 litre – water;
  6. 480 grams – C.M.C (Carboxy methyl cellulos)/ Antisol/ Nitrosol;
  7. 6-16 tea-spoons – Formaline (may not use);
  8. 6-16 teaspoons – Sodium Laurate Sulphate (SLS);
  9. Colorant and a perfume (fragrance)


  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Gloves
  • Measuring bowl
  • Spoon
  • Water

HOW TO MAKE LIQUID SOAP (Preparation Method)

  • Place the caustic soda in about 2 litres of water, leave the mixture for one hour or overnight.
  • Also place the soda ash in about 2 litres of water, leave it to soften for one hour or also overnight.
  • Pour sulphonic acid into measuring bowl, add texapon, for pleasant smell of your liquid soap add a perfume (fragrance), then add 10 litres of water, stir the mixture carefully for about 10 minutes.
  • Place Sodium Laurate Sulphate (SLS) in 1.25 litres of water. Also do the same for Sodium Tripoyphosphate (STPP).
  • Add nitroso, if you decide to use Carboxyl methyl cellulose instead, ensure you place it in 10litres of water 2 days before you use it to produce the liquid soap.
  • Now add the caustic soda and stir carefully, add soda ash and again mix accurately. If you wish to use formaline, add it also and stir.
  • Add S.T.P.P and stir well, add SLS and stir again. You can now proceed to add the desired color you need and stir.
  • Finally add water to level, till you achieve your desired texture of the liquid soap.
  • You can package it and start using or selling.

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