University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2023/2024

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University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2023/2024 has started. The Academic and Non-academic Staff Recruitment at University of Ibadan application portal is open. See list of available positions and apply for the one you are most qualified for.

University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2024

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the Academic / Non-Teaching positions below:

  1. Assistant Lecturer I (Bioethics and Medical Humanities)
  2. Assistant Lecturer (African Traditional Religion)
  3. Assistant Lecturer (African / World History)
  4. Assistant Lecturer (Animal Physiology and Bioclimatology)
  5. Professor (Industrial Chemistry / Chemical Engineering)
  6. Assistant Lecturer (Arabic Language and Literature)
  7. Lecturer I (Anatomic Pathology / Histopathology)
  8. Administrative Assistant – Faculty of Registry, Department of Registry
  9. Lecturer II (Computer Science)
  10. Lecturer I (Community Dentistry)
  11. Lecturer I (Clinical Epidemiology)
  12. Assistant Lecturer (Archaeology)
  13. Assistant Lecturer (Cardio Respiratory Physiology Unit)
  14. Lecturer II (Statistics)
  15. Lecturer I (Immunology)
  16. Assistant Lecturer (Archives, Records and Information Management)
  17. Lecturer II (Sociology)
  18. Assistant Lecturer (Ecology and Environmental Biology)Lecturer II (Biology)
  19. Assistant Lecturer (Dramatic Theory and Criticism)
  20. Lecturer I (Ophthalmology)
  21. Lecturer II (Adult Education)
  22. Lecturer I (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)
  23. Confidential Secretary III – Faculty of Registry, Department of Registry
  24. Lecturer II (Human Nutrition)
  25. Lecturer I (Physiotherapy)
  26. Lecturer II (Anatomy)
  27. Clerical Officer – Faculty of Registry, Department of Registry
  28. Lecturer II (Civil Engineering)
  29. Lecturer II (Food Technology)
  30. Assistant Laboratory Technologist – Faculty of Registry, Department of Registry
  31. Lecturer II (Physiotherapy)
  32. Lecturer I (Oral Pathology / Oral Medicine)
  33. Lecturer II (Plant Ecology)
  34. Confidential Secretary IV – Faculty of Registry, Department of Registry
  35. Lecturer II (Political Science)
  36. Lecturer I (Automotive Engineering)
  37. Assistant Lecturer (Ecotourism Management / Hospitality)
  38. Lecturer II (Petroleum Engineering)
  39. Craftsman II – Faculty of Registry, Department of Registry
  40. Lecturer I (Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery)
  41. Assistant Lecturer (African Traditional Religion)
  42. Assistant Lecturer (Communications & Language Arts)
  43. Lecturer II (Agricultural Economics)
  44. Health Superintendent – Faculty of Registry, Department of UHS
  45. Lecturer II (Theriogenology)
  46. Lecturer I (Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentistry)
  47. Assistant Lecturer (Crop and Horticultural Sciences)
  48. Health Assistant I – Faculty of Registry, Department of UHS
  49. Lecturer I (Molecular Biology, Transplantation Medicine & HAEMOSTASIS)
  50. Lecturer II (Mechanical Engineering)
  51. Lecturer I (General Surgery)
  52. Assistant Lecturer (Agricultural Extension & Rural Development)
  53. Lecturer II (Biomedical Engineering)
  54. Driver Mechanic – Faculty of Registry, Department of Registry
  55. Lecturer II (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  56. Lecturer I (Family Medicine)
  57. Assistant Lecturer (Agricultural Economics)
  58. Lecturer II (Immunology)
  59. Lecturer II (Pharmacology & Toxicology)
  60. Assistant Lecturer (Economics)
  61. Medical Officer – Faculty of Registry, Department of UHS
  62. Lecturer I (Prosthetics Dentistry)
  63. Lecturer II (Communications and Language Arts)
  64. Assistant Lecturer (Philosophy)
  65. Lecturer II (Animal Physiology)
  66. Legal Officer – Faculty of Registry, Department of Registry
  67. Assistant Lecturer (English)
  68. Lecturer II – New Testament (Religious Studies)
  69. Nursing Officer – Faculty of Registry, Department of UHS
  70. Assistant Lecturer (Estate Management)
  71. Lecturer II (Pharmaceutical Microbiology)
  72. Assistant Lecturer (Aquaculture & Fisheries Management)
  73. Lecturer II (Analytical Chemistry)
  74. Lecturer I (Pulmonology)
  75. Assistant Lecturer (Human Nutrition)
  76. Optometrist – Faculty of Registry, Department of UHS
  77. Lecturer II (Nursing)
  78. Lecturer II (History)
  79. Lecturer II (Accounting)
  80. Lecturer II / Research Fellow II – (Mathematics)
  81. Librarian II (Kenneth Dike Library)
  82. Lecturer II (Marketing Strategy & Management / Brand Communication / Digital Marketing)
  83. Lecturer II (Veterinary Public Health & Preventive Medicine)
  84. Pharmacist – Faculty of Registry, Department of UHS
  85. Lecturer I / Research Fellow I (Nuclear Medicine)
  86. Assistant Lecturer (Computer Science)
  87. Lecturer II ( Petrology / Geochemistry)
  88. Physiotherapist – Faculty of Registry, Department of UHS
  89. Lecturer II (Arts and Social Sciences Education)
  90. Lecturer II (Health Promotion and Education)
  91. Planning Officer – Faculty of Registry, Department of Registry
  92. Lecturer II (Veterinary Parasitology)
  93. Assistant Lecturer (Microbiology)
  94. Safety man – Faculty of Registry, Department of Registry
  95. Assistant Lecturer (Statistics)
  96. Lecturer II (Crop and Horticultural Sciences)
  97. Lecturer II (Economics)
  98. Assistant Lecturer (Forest Biology and Silviculture)
  99. System Analyst / Programmer II – Faculty of ITeMS, Department of ITeMS
  100. Lecturer II (Pharmacognosy)
  101. Assistant Lecturer (Industrial Sociology)
  102. Lecturer II (Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy)
  103. Assistant Lecturer (Linguistics)
  104. Assistant Lecturer (Music Education)
  105. Lecturer II (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
  106. Assistant Lecturer (Performance)
  107. Lecturer II (Industrial and Production Engineering)
  108. Assistant Lecturer (Petrology / Structural Geology / Remote Sensing)
  109. Assistant Lecturer (Planning and Policy / Economics of Education)
  110. Lecturer II (Epidemiology & Medical Statistics)
  111. Lecturer II – Islamic Studies (Arabic and Islamic Studies)
  112. Senior Lecturer (Quantity Surveying)
  113. Lecturer II (Archaeology & Anthropology)
  114. Assistant Lecturer (Plant Anatomy)
  115. Assistant Lecturer (Plant Virology)
  116. Lecturer II (Pharmacology & Therapeutics)
  117. Lecturer II (Veterinary Surgery and Radiology)
  118. Assistant Lecturer (Population and Migration, GIS & Biogeography)
  119. Assistant Lecturer (Social and Personality Psychology Specialization)
  120. Senior Lecturer (GERMAN)
  121. Assistant Lecturer (Sociology of Drama and Theatre)
  122. Assistant Lecturer (Soil Physics)
  123. Lecturer II (Early Childhood & Educational Foundation)
  124. Research Fellow II (Digital Education / Artificial Intelligence)
  125. Assistant Lecturer (Theoretical Physics)
  126. Lecturer II (Quantity Surveying)
  127. Lecturer II (Estate Management)
  128. Research Fellow I (Institute of Advanced Medical Research and Training)
  129. Assistant Lecturer (Wood Science and Technology)
  130. Assistant Lecturer / Fellow (Mathematics)
  131. Lecturer II (Agricultural Extension & Rural Development)
  132. Medical Research Fellow I (Institute of Child Health)
  133. Assistant Lecturer / Lecturer II (Political Theory / International Relations)
  134. Lecturer II / Assistant Lecturer (Social Work)
  135. Assistant Lecturer / Lecturer II (Public Administration)
  136. Lecturer II (Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology)
  137. Junior Research Fellow (Qualitative Research)
  138. Lecturer II – Yoruba Literature (Linguistics & African Languages)
  139. Lecturer II (Virology I)
  140. Lecturer II – Soil Microbiology (Soil Resources Management)
  141. Lecturer II (Clinical Pathology)
  142. Lecturer II – Condensed Matter Physics / Solid State Physics (Physics)
  143. Lecturer II (Small Animal Medicine)
  144. Lecturer II (Aquaculture & Fisheries Management)
  145. Lecturer II (Labour Law & Law of Contracts)
  146. Lecturer II – Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition (Animal Science)
  147. Lecturer II – Cardio Respiratory Physiology Unit (Physiology)
  148. Lecturer II (Business, Enterpreneurship & Executive Education)
  149. Lecturer II – Clinical Pharmacy (Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Administration)
  150. Lecturer II – Biomaterial Processing and Utilization (Wood Products Engineering)
  151. Lecturer II (Environmental Health Sciences)
  152. Lecturer II – Molecular Plant Genetics (Crop Protection & Environmental Biology)
  153. Lecturer II (Farm Power & Machinery)
  154. Lecturer II (Educational Management)
  155. Lecturer II (Population and Migration & Biogeography)
  156. Lecturer II (Library, Archival & Information Studies)
  157. Lecturer II / Research Fellow II (Peace, Security and Humanitarian Studies)
  158. Lecturer II (Functional Food Development)
  159. Lecturer II (Data and Information Science)
  160. Lecturer II (Indigenous Knowledge & Development)
  161. Lecturer II (Wildlife & Ecotourism Management)
  162. Lecturer II (Architecture)
  163. Lecturer II (Urban and Regional Planning)
  164. Lecturer II (Health Policy and Management)
  165. Lecturer II (Quantitative Finance & Financial Econometrics)
  166. Lecturer II (Private & Property Law)

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 How to Apply for University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2023/2024

All interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply
Forward their Applications and detailed Curriculum Vitae (10 copies) stating the following information:

  • Date of Birth (not Age)
  • Marital Status
  • State of Origin
  • L.G.A
  • Mobile Telephone Number
  • E- mail Address
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Previous Work Experience.
  • Publications (if any)
  • Names and Addresses of three (3) Referees and enclose two sets of photostat copies of relevant credentials

The Applications should be forwaded to:
The Deputy Registrar,
Human Resource and Development Division (Academic Staff),
University of Ibadan,
Oyo State, Nigeria.

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Application Instructions

  • Select the position type from the first dropdown i.e Academic / Non Teaching.
  • Select any of the positions from the second dropdown below to see the requirements.
  • Click on the apply button to apply if you meet the requirements.
  • Make sure to save your password somewhere as this will be required to access your dashboard.
  • Make sure to also save your security question and answer somewhere as this will be required to reset your password should in case you forgot it.
  • Applicants should request their referees to send reports on them, via a link that would be sent to their email addresses, on letter head and under confidential cover, indicating the positions and departments to which they have applied, direct to the Deputy Registrar, Human Resource and Development Division (Academic Staff), from whom further detalls may be obtained.
  • Applicants are required to indicate the positions and Departments to which they have applied in the application as well as the envelope containing the application.
  • Only the applications of shortlisted candidates will be acknowledged.
  • Shortlisted applicants would be required to make a departmental seminar presentation on a completed/ongoing research work in their area of interest before being shortlisted for the oral interview.

Application Deadline  4th January, 2024.

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