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NNPC List of Successful Shortlisted Candidates 2019

We will like to inform all our readers especially those who successfully applied for the just concluded NNPC 2019 recruitment that the list of shortlisted candidates eligible to write the NNPC Aptitude Test 2019 has been released according to the statement issued by the NNPC boss.

He said that plans are already in motion to release the list of successfully shortlisted candidates for the recruitment exercise that commenced on the 13th of March, 2019. Only candidates whose names appear on the shortlist would be able to partake in the screening/aptitude test exercise.

Stay tuned to this website as we will give you first hand information when the shortlist is released. You can bookmark this page or follow us on our social media channels for the NNPC Recruitment Successfully Shortlisted Candidates 2019 PDF

Update on the NNPC 2019/2020 Aptitude Test

NNPC Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Mr. Ndu Ughamadu, informed the general public that the Second Phase of the recruitment exercise involving shortlisting of qualified candidates has commenced.

He went further to say in a press statement, that the qualified ones among them (applicants) would be invited to write the computer-based aptitude tests.

It was also gathered that the NNPC Aptitude Test would be administered in about 50 centres all across the country, those who emerge successful in the tests would proceed to another stage of the recruitment exercise which is oral interviews for final selection.

NNPC Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Would you like to score very high in your NNPC Aptitude Test Exams? It is important you prepare very well for the test if your answer to the question asked is YES!!.

If you are interested in getting the past questions and answers, feel free to contact us on any of our social media handles (facebook, twitter, web push) for details on how to download the questions and answers.

The aptitude test outcome plays a huge role in determining if you would be eligible to proceed to the next level of the recruitment exercise. Please take this information seriously.

We would not leave you unprepared, so ensure you read the awesome tips and question formats we have provided for you below.

How to Pass NNPC Aptitude Test 2019- Step by Step Guide

It is important to know what to expect in the forthcoming NNPC Aptitude Test / Screening Exercise 2019/2020. That is why the team has done research and come up with the amazing tips to pass the test. In this article, we will teach you how to answer-

  • NNPC Quantitative Reasoning Aptitude Test Questions
  • NNPC Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Test Questions
  • NNPC Spatial/Abstract Reasoning Aptitude Test Questions
  • NNPC General knowledge and Current Affairs Aptitude Test Questions

We will also provide you with a step by step guide on

  • How to properly prepare for the NNPC aptitude test 2019/2020

How to Answer NNPC Quantitative/Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Test Questions (past question and answers)

The quantitative/numerical aptitude tests are aimed at assessing your number skills. Essentially, this is when graphs, long numbers, and equations come into play. Built on maths, these tests are often written in the context of everyday business activities to check candidate’s ability to work with numerical information.

Given the time limit, and quite unconventional structure of these tests some graduates find numerical reasoning tests to be tricky or even challenging when compared with their university experience of tests and examinations. So you must practice well click on this link to practice quantitative and numerical reasoning aptitude test questions

How to Answer NNPC Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Test Questions (past question and answers)

NNPC Verbal reasoning tests aims to assess your understanding and comprehension skills. You will be presented with a short passage of text which you’ll be required to interpret before answering questions on them. The questions are usually set in a way that you are required to answer in the multiple choice format such as ‘True, False, Cannot Say’. Click here to practice free verbal reasoning aptitude test questions

How to answer NNPC Spatial/Abstract Reasoning Aptitude Test Questions (past question and answers)

Abstract reasoning requires an ability to identify patterns among different abstract shapes where irrelevant and distracting material is often present. The presence of irrelevant or distracting material or information can sometimes lead to incorrect conclusions.

Abstract reasoning tests therefore measures your ability to change track, critically evaluate and generate hypotheses and to query judgements as they progress through the test. You can practice free abstract reasoning aptitude test questions here on for spatial reasoning aptitude test questions and answers- click here

How to answer NNPC General Knowledge and Current Affairs Aptitude Test Questions (past question and answers)

The NNPC aptitude test usually consist of general knowledge and current affairs questions. These questions doesn’t just take the normal format of general knowledge questions because there field  field specific questions.

Some field specific questions may appear under the general knowledge section of the test depending on the position the candidate is applying for.

We will update you with some questions soon. However you are encouraged to study basic history of NNPC and the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector.

How to prepare for NNPC aptitude test 2019/2020

The NNPC aptitude test is specifically designed to help the company select the right candidates to join their team. The aptitude test plays a role in enabling the company choose from the applicants the best talents to fill in the different vacant positions according to the field of study.

The NNPC Aptitude Test is usually in four sections, and candidates will be given 120 minutes to answer 120 questions. The test sections include:

  • Quantitative reasoning questions
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Spatial / Abstract reasoning
  • General knowledge/ Current affairs

The format for this test has been explained above. Do well to make good use of the information.  

Extra Success Tips for NNPC Test 2019/2020

  • Know the aptitude test format
  • Plan a strategy to answer the questions to save time
  • Practice past questions and answers regularly as some questions may be repeated.
  • Practice how to answer questions on computers as the test is a computer based test (CBT)
  • Follow test instructions to avoid being disqualified from taking the test.
  • Also remember to be calm and composed while writing the test. Avoid guessing, because the board may make use of negative marking.

Date, Time and Venue for NNPC Aptitude Test 2019/2020

The exact date, time and venue for the 2019/2020 NNPC aptitude test has not been released. We promise to inform you as soon as possible. Do not forget, we are your information friends. Your progress is our main focus.

Nigerian Navy Aptitude Test 2019 Date and Venue is out- Check here for details

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