FGN AFJP Farmers Grants Application and Registration Portal 2021/2022

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This is to notify all our readers that the Federal Government of Nigeria has approved the Farmer Subsidy Grant for the 1st batch and 2nd Batch of AFJP smallholder farmers.

FMARD AFJP Programme 2021

The joint venture between the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), state governments, as well as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and private sector through; out-grower schemes, and farmers across the country, is aimed at boosting locally grown food supply, while simultaneously creating employment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

How to apply for 2021/2022 Fertilizer Subsidy AFJP Farmers Grants

The only way to apply as a farmer is to get enumerated in the database of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with State Agricultural Development Project (ADP) staff, under the Economic Sustainability Plan, and Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan.

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How Much is FMARD AFJP Payment to Farmers on Fertilizer Subsidy Grant?

Each Farmers will be paid from 250, 000.00 to 500, 000.00 naira each. Payment for first batch has started, if your BVN is connected to your bank account, you will be paid directly. congratulations.

NOTE: Payment of the first batch of the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant to qualified AFJP farmers has commenced, if you have not gotten your alert just remain patient, yours is on the way. Second Batch Payment will commence soon. Keep visiting this blog for latest information concerning FMARD AFJP Grant

AFJP Farmers Grants 2021/2022 Payments and Disbursement of Funds

According to the update reaching us, the disbursement will be in batches, starting with Batch A, covering 1,209,143 farmers, with a total subsidy of N6, 154,802,000. This will enable the farmer to source fertilizer in the open market.

Farmers enumerated but without BVN and bank accounts are encouraged to hasten to the nearest bank to open bank accounts and get BVN in order to benefit.

Farmers not yet enumerated are also encouraged to cooperate with the ADP’s and enumerators to get enumerated on their farms.

FMARD AFJP Fertilizer Subsidy Grant 2nd batch Disbursement Date

The Fertilizer Subsidy Grant for the 2nd batch of AFJP smallholder farmers will commence sending of text messages to shortlisted candidate on July ending 2021, and the disbursement will be on August 2021.

How to Apply For FMARD Fertilizer Subsidy Grant

Visit The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in your state, and ask for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Fertilizer Subsidy co-ordinator. He or she will issue you the grant form. Fill the form and submit it.

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