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How to write 2019 BRISIN Aptitude Test on

  • To begin the test, you must go to the approved brisin test portal via
  • Login with your BRISIN Registration number and application ID
  • Proceed to make a payment of N500 online on the portal with an atm card
  • Ensure you copy the TAC authentication code that was generated before proceeding to click on “Take test now
  • The authentication code would also be sent to your email. Check your inbox or spam folder to get the message.
  • Now click on “take test now
  • Login with the authentication code sent to you
  • Carefully read the instructions
  • Accept to write the BRISIN Aptitude test
  • After some seconds, your questions would be displayed.


This are the kind of questions to expect in your BRISIN Aptitude test, endure you study them and view the answers below. We wish you success.

  1. Cancer and other chronic health issues are connected to generating plants and old vehicle, can you explain?

  2. Define in your own terms and short form, what is BRISIN and why FGN is implementing it?

  3. How would you advice the funding of BRISIN in Nigeria, considering that 20 million Jobs can be created by implementing the system?

  4. It is speculated that Nigeria would be 400 million in 2050, what strategic approach would you advise Nigeria to curtail such population expansion?

  5. So much has been said about data harmonization looking at present data in Nigeria, how do you describe the veracity and validity to economic planning?

  6. The postponement of the presidential election was attributed to problem of logistics what do you think can be done to avoid such situation again in Nigeria?

  7. What instrument would be best used to collect VAT and Tax from service economy operators?

  8. When and how do we consider accurate data and information as vital for data governance?


Question One Answer


  • Old vehicle pollutes the air, while generating plants helps to remove toxic matter from the atmosphere. Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. By reducing air pollution levels, countries can reduce the burden of disease from stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and both chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma. The lower the levels of air pollution, the better the cardiovascular and respiratory health of the population will be, both long- and short-term. Outdoor air pollution is a major environmental health problem affecting everyone in low, middle, and high-income countries.

Question Two Answer

  • BRISIN stands for Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria, an integrated data and information infrastructure, an all-encompassing system for the collection, storage, distribution of data & information to support the management of the economy. The FGN is implementing the BRISIN system to bring developmental and economic growth in the country through the use of correct data of people and all economic activities to develop Nigeria just the way it is in the developed countries. “The data received will be used to plan for the management of the nation’s resources

Question Three Answer

  • Although the budget would be initially funded by the Federal Government, the allocation to the project can not sustain the project, hence it is important to setup a BRISIN international foundation which will help to source for funds to supplement government effort. It can also be funded by receiving donations from patriotic Nigerians, international donors and also corporate organizations. I would also suggest funding by Federal, State and Local Governments through direct funding from the Excess Crude Account. It is also desirable to consider funding from SURE-P, PTDF and MDG accounts as it would be beneficial to everyone.

Question Four Answer

  • In order to reduce the adverse impacts of overpopulation in Nigeria, mitigation measures, such as spreading awareness and education about overpopulation, enacting birth control measures and regulations, and providing easy access to birth control devices and family planning, must be taken. It is also important to eradicate gender bias from law, economic opportunity, health, and culture.

Question Five Answer

  • Data is playing a major role in shaping almost every aspect of human life, from administration to astronomy, biology to business, housing to health, engineering to environment, commerce to community, marketing to management, industry to infrastructure, politics to policy, even in sports and strategy.Data, (statistics) are vital, as they provide us with clear, objective, and numerical evidence on all aspects of our lives and the state of our country, including the growth and characteristics of our population, economic performance, levels of health and well being and the condition of our surrounding environment.

    It therefore aids the decision making process by enabling us to establish numerical benchmarks and monitor and evaluate the progress of policies or programmes, thereby ensuring that our policy interventions are well designed, meeting initial aims and identifying any areas which require improvement.

Question Six Answer

  • You are aware of what went wrong during the elections, this is the right place to express yourself as to what should have been done differently.

Question Seven Answer

  • VAT collection can be accounts-based or invoice-based. When a payment is received for the sale of goods or services, a deposit is made, and the revenue is recorded as of the date of the receipt of funds no matter when the sale had been made.

Question Eight Answer

  • Data and information are the lifeblood of the 21st century economy. In the Information Age, data is recognized as a vital enterprise asset. Data, and the information created from data, are now widely recognized as enterprise assets. No enterprise can be effective without high quality data.
  • Data governance is the initiative a company takes to create and enforce a set of rules and policies regarding its data.
  • Data Governance is required to ensure that an organization’s information assets are formally, properly, proactively and efficiently managed throughout the enterprise to secure its trust & accountability.
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