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SKIN RASHES- Possible Causes of Skin Rashes and ways to properly avoid or treat them- Tips for healthy living

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Skin Rashes Causes and Treatments- Have you ever woken up and discovered you have developed rashes all over your body and you have no idea why or how it came about?

SKIN RASHES- Possible Causes of Skin Rashes and ways to properly avoid or treat them- Tips for healthy living

Skin rash is any change in color or texture of the skin.

It could also be that you discovered that some specific areas of your body become itchy and you find yourself scratching it and in the process cause a red patch? By scratching it you tend to make it spread faster and it’s a bit painful.


There are a lot of persons all over the world who suffer from these sudden skin rashes without a clue to the cause of it. The truth is there are many triggers to such conditions discovering it on time would help you avoid this sudden rash.

We would like to notify our beloved readers on possible causes of sudden skin rashes

Food allergies

It could be what you ate or drank that caused the skin rash, so try to recall all you ate before you started noticing the rash. It could be that you are allergic to the things you took. If you notice that you are sneezing or you have an itchy throat or mild headache, after taking a particular food or drink it might be that you have a mild allergic reaction to such.

Some of the common foods that cause such allergic reactions are processed food- like pickles and other preserved food, the truth is that some certain chemicals used in processing the food can trigger sudden skin rash.

Environment irritants

Have you recently switched detergents/soaps that you use to wash your clothes, plates or mop the floor? This could lead to the reaction that causes the skin rash. So try and look for the soap you are reacting too. It could also be the cream you used or bathing soap. Try to discover what you are reacting too.


  1. Negative emotions such as stress, anger, sadness etc.
  2. Lack of exercise
  3. Immune system not functioning completely and properly.
  4. Consuming to much fatty food

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